Published On: May 27, 2022

LG's Star Wars LG OLED Evo: Limited Edition of 501 Units

Published On: May 27, 2022
Last Updated on: May 30, 2022
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LG's Star Wars LG OLED Evo: Limited Edition of 501 Units

There's nothing like watching Star Wars on an OLED, except watching Star Wars on a Star Wars OLED.

LG's Star Wars LG OLED Evo: Limited Edition of 501 Units

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What is the ultimate Star Wars collectible? There are of course a million answers to that question, but to the list you can add this ambitious TV concept from LG and Lucasfilm. It is an LG OLED Evo created with a Star Wars theme, and it is a limited edition of only 501 (in the U.S.).

If you're curious about what makes a Star Wars-themed TV, there is a visual element starting with the packaging. Perhaps the most significant feature is that the LG Remote is designed to look like and make the sounds of a lightsaber. The TV lets out a Darth Vader breathing sound when you turn it on, and of course, you got the all-important certificate of authenticity.

The TV's user interface is Star Wars themed, and you get a gallery of Star Wars content as well.

LG says this TV will be available via at a future date, so you'll have to pay attention if you want to have a chance at grabbing one. Or you can sign up to be notified here:

"With LG OLED TV technology, the dark side can truly be an exciting and bright experience, especially when working alongside Lucasfilm. We’re excited for avid Star Wars and technology fans alike to experience their favorite films in an immersive way through the limited-edition OLED TVs. You’ll truly never watch Star Wars the same way again."

Tim Alessi, LG USA's senior director of home entertainment product marketing

Owners of this TV will enjoy the LG gallery mode which, when the TV is not being used as a TV, will display artwork. In this case, there are two categories of Star Wars art, there's the Conceptual Designs, and there is the Journey of Darth Vader. LG says that the Conceptual Designs category will include original storyboard and illustrated images.

Conceptual Designs Gallery

Journey of Darth Vader Gallery

  • Mark Henninger
    2022-05-30 08:58:50

    This is what happens when speech recognition fails me in a way that grammar and spell-check does not pick up on, and somehow I don't notice it when I proofread. I appreciate you pointing it out.

  • Ranger6
    2022-05-28 13:30:31

    Just a guess here, but maybe "mother tradition TV" means the first of more to come?

  • Anonymous
    2022-05-27 20:22:41

    This looks cool, I want one! But what's a "mother tradition TV"?

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