LHLabs Announces $299 Inspire 5 Soundbar

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LHLabs-Inspire5.jpgLHLabs has announced a new $299 soundbar, the Inspire 5, which was co-developed by Starke Sound and incorporates that company's patented Linear Magnetic Field Driver and Soundspace Expansion technologies. The Inspire 5 includes Bluetooth 4.0, USB, auxiliary and stereo L/R audio inputs, as well as three HDMI video inputs and a Silicon Image video processor that supports 4K pass-through. LHLabs and Starke Sound will also offer an accompanying subwoofer, the Sub 5, with dual 8-inch drivers and a 500-watt amplifier. Both products will be available late in the first quarter of 2016.

From LH Labs
LH Labs is joining forces with special engineering partner Starke Sound to introduce a new type of soundbar--the Inspire 5--with expansion technology engineered to elevate streaming sources beyond average sound to incredibly powerful and immersive audio that matches any setting.

Known for its magnificent, patented Linear Magnetic Field Driver Technology specifically designed to increase range while minimizing distortion, Starke Sound was instrumental in the development of the new Inspire5 soundbar and matching Sub5 wireless subwoofer. The Inspire 5 is a Starke-branded product, co-developed and distributed by LH Labs.

Separately, both models are compatible with nearly any audio system on the market, although when paired, the Inspire 5 and Sub5 "communicate" for precision synchronization of high and low frequencies. Both products will ship in late Q1 and will be priced at $399 SRP each.

"The Inspire5 and Sub5 system represents the antithesis of complex set-ups, proprietary software, and cable entanglements," said Larry Ho, LH Labs' founder and CEO. "But its output is on par with multi-speaker arrays costing thousands more."

Shipping in Q1 2016, the Inspire 5 features five modes that capture every nuance (and overcome every limitation) of streaming sources, to deliver stellar performance no matter the application.

In Movie Mode and TV Mode, the Inspire 5 receives audio output from Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast or any other streaming device, overrides inferior TV speakers, and instantly enlarges the sound field, recreating that which engineers heard while mastering. Starke's Soundspace Expansion Technology (based on a DSP algorithm) reproduces soundtracks, dialogue and special effects with their intended rich and ubiquitous acoustic textures intact.

The Inspire 5 is the first component of its kind to utilize a professional-grade Silicon Image video processor supporting all digital video formats, including Blu-Ray 3D and 4K Ultra HD.

In Game Mode, the Inspire 5 delivers the most explosive experience on the market today by digitally decompressing and expanding audio signals from game consoles. This separates dialog and SFX expertly, while encompassing players in action with a pure digital soundscape.

In Party Mode, all that's needed is a USB drive. The Inspire 5 automatically shuffles through an iTunes library, creating the ideal audio backdrop for any gathering or entertainment setting. Similarly, in Music Mode, the Inspire 5 relies on Starke's Reverse EQ Audiophile Compensation algorithm to produce a flat frequency response for a lifelike sound that will please even discriminating audiophiles. All of the music inputs (Bluetooth 4.0, AUX, L&R) are digitally processed using a powerful DSP engine through its ADC and DAC.

The Inspire 5 offers true full-range output, but for those who crave earth-shaking bass response there is the 500-watt Sub 5 wireless subwoofer with dual 8-inch drivers. It pairs automatically and seamlessly with the Inspire 5 soundbar via two dual-tuned guided bass ports. This highly efficient combination creates a new definition of bass performance, by delivering precise range and superlative imaging.

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