Published On: August 2, 2023

Lights and Security Unite: Philips Hue's First Smart Home Cameras in the Works

Published On: August 2, 2023
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Lights and Security Unite: Philips Hue's First Smart Home Cameras in the Works

Philips Hue is reportedly entering the home monitoring market with its own smart home camera.

Lights and Security Unite: Philips Hue's First Smart Home Cameras in the Works

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Philips Hue, renowned for its smart lighting solutions, is reportedly venturing into the home monitoring market with the launch of its first smart home cameras. While the company has not yet made an official announcement, the CEO of Philips Hue's parent company, Signify, Eric Rondolat, confirmed the move during a recent pre-IFA conference call.

According to HueBlog, Rondolat emphasized that the integration of security and lighting is at the core of their new endeavor. The idea is to leverage lighting solutions for enhanced security and use security features to complement the lighting ecosystem. The aim is to provide consumers with a seamless and holistic smart home experience, encompassing both lighting and home monitoring.

“The idea here is also to use security for lighting and lighting for security,” Rondolat said before providing an example: a burglar in the house triggers the alarm and all the lights flash red. ”Why is that interesting? Because sound alarms cannot be heard from a distance as they are really kept inside the house. But, the light can be seen from a long distance.”

One of the main features of the potentially upcoming Philips Hue smart home cameras is their emphasis on privacy and data protection. Rondolat stated that the cameras will be equipped with end-to-end encryption, a significant selling point for privacy-conscious consumers. By employing this encryption method, the company aims to ensure that users' video footage remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Philips Hue's current offerings already include motion sensors and a "mimic presence" feature that simulates occupancy by randomly turning lights on and off while homeowners are away. The company's integration with lighting and security further strengthens its position to enter the home monitoring market.

However, it is worth noting that Philips Hue's sister brand, WiZ, has already made its mark in the home monitoring market with the release of the WiZ Indoor Camera earlier this year. 

The WiZ Indoor Camera boasts features such as 1080p video resolution, a wide 130-degree viewing angle, motion detection, night vision capabilities, two-way communication, and local and cloud video storage. Moreover, it can activate "light alarms" to deter potential intruders, creating a synergy between security and smart lighting.

With the entrance of Philips Hue into the smart home camera arena, it remains to be seen how the company will differentiate its offering from the existing products in the market. Speculation is rife about whether the new cameras will be integrated with Philips Hue's extensive range of smart lights and bulbs. Such integration could lead to innovative applications, like using lighting cues to enhance the efficacy of security alerts.

For customers invested in Apple's HomeKit ecosystem, the compatibility of the new cameras with HomeKit Secure Video is a crucial factor. While Rondolat did not address this aspect during the conference call, it is something that HomeKit users will likely keep a keen eye on. HomeKit Secure Video offers end-to-end encryption for recorded footage and is a feature that many users value for its added privacy and security.

As Philips Hue gears up to make its mark in the smart home camera segment, consumers eagerly await further details about the upcoming products. The IFA event in Berlin, scheduled for next month, might serve as the platform for the official unveiling and more comprehensive information about Philips Hue's foray into home monitoring.

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