Published On: September 20, 2008

Marantz Introduces a New Anamorphic Lens for its Projectors

Published On: September 20, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Marantz Introduces a New Anamorphic Lens for its Projectors

If you want to enjoy native 2:35:1 aspect ratio movies in your home theater you need two things; a 2:35:1 aspect ratio screen or a 16:9 screen with auto masking and an anamorphic lens. Well Marantz owners are in luck for they've just announced a new anamorphic lens attachment for their line of front projectors.

Marantz Introduces a New Anamorphic Lens for its Projectors

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Marantz logo.jpgNew LN-11S1 is a Perfect Companion for Company's VP-11S2 and VP-15S1 Projectors, Both Now Updated With New Lens Coatings to Enhance Contrast

Marantz America, a provider of advanced home entertainment solutions, will introduce another Motorized Anamorphic Lens System at CEDIA 2008 - Designed and built in-house, the LN-11S1 (SRP: $4,999.99) is designed for use as a companion to Marantz' projectors, the VP-11S1/VP-11S2 and VP-15S1. This new lens, featuring optics from Konica-Minolta, represents a fully assembled turnkey solution for enhancing the performance of Marantz projectors.

High-Performance Lens Can Be Retrofitted to Installed Projectors

This new anamorphic lens features a motorized lens/sled assembly that can be retrofitted for use with virtually any VP-11S1, VP-11S2 or VP-15S1 already installed in a home theater system. As with other Anamorphic lenses from Marantz (LN9103M, LN7101F and LN5103M), the LN-11S1 features multi-adjustment lens mounts and trigger inputs for easy custom automation and sled activation. A specially designed custom mount is included with the LN-11S1, providing attachment to the VP-11S1, VP-11S2 or VP-15S1. Additionally, the LN-11S1 is also designed to work with other brands of projectors that incorporate vertical stretch technology.

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