Marantz Presents Its First Dolby Atmos AV Preamp

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Marantz-AV7702.jpgIn October, Marantz will begin selling its first Dolby Atmos-capable AV preamp, the AV7702 ($1,999). The company first hinted at this product back in July, and now the full details are provided below.

From Marantz
Marantz, a world leader in advanced audio technologies, is about to release its first Multichannel A/V Preamplifier with Dolby Atmos capability, the AV7702. True versatility paired with renowned Marantz audio performance will let home cinema enthusiasts experience a new world of enveloping sound in their home theater. At the same time, the newcomer comes with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the latest audio and video processing technologies. The AV7702 ($1,999.00 MSRP) is expected to be available in black in October 2014.

Born from its highly acclaimed predecessor, the new AV7702 comes with the latest current feedback topology and the Marantz's own developed high-definition HDAMs, to deliver the power and finesse to astonish any listener. Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, it opens up to nearly unlimited music sources, such as Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Pandora, SiriusXM, and AirPlay. Via DLNA network streaming, the AV7702 can play music files stored on a PC or external storage unit. Almost any file is possible including MP3, WMA, FLAC HD, ALAC, WAV192/24 & AAC. Gapless, DSD, and AIFF are also supported for the full enjoyment of live concerts or classical recordings. To round up the connectivity options, it comes with an iPod digital-compatible USB input and a Phono MM input for vinyl fans.

The video section comes with advanced video processing, support of the latest HDMI standard (4K 60Hz pass-through), 7+1 HDMI inputs and three outputs for main zone & multizone. Even more, the AV7702 features high-quality video processing technology to upscale standard of high-definition video to Full HD 1080p and even 4K full rate (50/60 Hz). All guarantee complete compatibility with the latest HD displays and HD source devices.

Thanks to its four DSP (Digital Sound Processing) engines, the AV7702 is capable of handling up to 11.2 channels to fully support Audyssey DSX, DTS Neo:X 11.1, as well as the latest decoding technology Dolby Atmos. The home theater enthusiast will be flooded with the absolute ultimate in surround sound sensation. With Dolby Atmos, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing clarity, power, detail, and depth. The AV7702 has the processing power to run a more enveloping 7-, 9-, or 11-channel Dolby Atmos layout using 5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4 or 9.1.2 configurations utilizing ceiling mounted or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. A 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 speaker configuration is based upon a traditional 5.1 speaker layout complemented by 2 or 4 overhead or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. A 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 configuration is based on a 7.1 speaker layout with 4 overhead or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. A 9.1.2 configuration is based on a 9.1 speaker layout with 2 overhead speakers.

To finish off, the AV7702 owns 13.2-ch pre-out capability (11.2ch XLR, 13.2ch RCA) for extreme versatility in amplification options. The most advanced Audyssey MultEQ XT32 (Pro ready) room correction suite adds to the most accurate calibration of the speakers to guarantee that every seat in the room is a 'sweet spot' for audio. Audyssey LFC reduces the transmission of low frequency sound through walls something your neighbors are sure to appreciate, while Audyssey Sub EQ HT cares for perfect integration of two subwoofers in the home theater setup.

AV7702 Multichannel A/V Preamplifier with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Main Features
� WiFi and Bluetooth built in
� Big trapdoor design
� Current Feedback topology and new Marantz HDAM
� Dolby Atmos
� Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio
� Audyssey MultEQ XT32, LFC, Sub EQ HT, Pro ready
� Audyssey DSX; DTS Neo:X (11.1 ch)
� 13.2-ch pre-out (11.2-ch XLR, 13.2-ch RCA) and 11.2-ch signal processing
� Latest HDMI version with 4K 50/60Hz 4:4:4 resolution
� 7+1 front HDMI in / 3 HDMI out (2 + 1 zone) (4K 50/60Hz, 3D, ARC, Deep Color)
� HDMI scaling 1080p, 4K 50/60 Hz
� ISF video calibration
� HD Audio streaming: FLAC 192/24, DSD, ALAC
� Gapless Playback
� USB port
� Spotify Connect*, Pandora*, Sirius XM (*where available), Flickr, Internet Radio support
� Phono (MM) input
� Setup Assistant and Advanced GUI
� 4 Smart Select buttons for fast selection of listening presets
� RS-232
� Marantz Remote App for iOS and Android devices

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