Published On: January 21, 2015

Marantz Releases New Midrange NA6005 Network Audio Player

Published On: January 21, 2015
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Marantz Releases New Midrange NA6005 Network Audio Player

Marantz has introduced a new $649 network audio player, the NA6005, due out in February. The NA6005 supports hi-res audio playback, including DSD and 24/192 FLAC/WAV files. You can connect to your network via either WiFi or Ethernet, the player...

Marantz Releases New Midrange NA6005 Network Audio Player

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Marantz-NA6005.jpgMarantz has introduced a new $649 network audio player, the NA6005, due out in February. The NA6005 supports hi-res audio playback, including DSD and 24/192 FLAC/WAV files. You can connect to your network via either WiFi or Ethernet, the player supports DLNA and AirPlay, and it has integrated Internet Radio and Spotify Connect. Bluetooth is also onboard, as is a high-qulaity DAC and headphone amplifier.

From Marantz
Marantz announced their new NA6005 Network Audio Player to complement the already introduced PM6005 and CD6005 amplifier/CD player duo. The NA6005 opens up a whole new world of nearly unlimited digital music sources to existing stereo components. Most remarkably, the NA6005 features WiFi and Bluetooth technology on board, as well as unique Marantz audio technologies to offer ultimate connectivity options and best-in-sound performance at the same time.

Similar to its predecessors the NA-11S1 and NA8005, the new NA6005 inherits a lot of reference-class technologies for demanding yet price-cautious music lovers. To guarantee the world-renowned Marantz quality, the cabinet has been made very rigid, the power supply extra strong, and sound parts have been strictly selected. Owners can enjoy all their music in pure, unadulterated clarity, thanks to the NA6005's high-class Digital-to-Analog Converter and unique output stage. The audio circuitry employs Marantz's exclusive HDAM and HDAM-SA2 in a hybrid configuration to achieve low noise and high speed for detailed and powerful playback at the same time.

Through the built-in WiFi or Ethernet port, the NA6005 connects to a home network, accessing thousands of Internet radio stations and popular music streaming services like Spotify Connect. It is likewise equipped with Apple's Airplay, so users can stream their iTunes music, whether from a Mac or PC, as well as directly from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Thanks to its DLNA 1.5 compatibility, music lovers can also access their local file libraries on a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) or a Computer Media Server and play back numerous audio file types, including WAV, WMA, MP3 and AAC. Moreover, the NA6005 can playback high-resolution audio files including DSD2.8MHz/5.6MHz, FLAC 192/24, WAV 192/24, AIFF and ALAC for ultimate audio fidelity. Gapless is supported for the uninterrupted enjoyment of a live concert or classical recording.

The front USB input expands the musical horizons even more, allowing users to enjoy iPhone and iPod audio via a digital connection. Users can hear the music with new detail and richness through their home audio system, with sonic refinements made possible thanks to the NA6005's advanced circuitry. Built-in Bluetooth capability even allows owners to connect a wide variety of supporting handheld devices with the touch of a finger. In addition, there is an optical digital input to connect a TV or cable box. But amazingly, all this versatility is extremely easy to operate, via the large display or the new dedicated Marantz Hi-Fi Remote App. It all makes the NA6005 an open door to a myriad of music stations, podcasts, documentary channels and more--all with the best possible audio quality.

This Network Audio Player perfectly adds to the recently introduced Marantz 6005 series featuring the PM6005 amplifier and CD6005 CD Player. It is expected to be available at authorized Marantz dealers and online in black beginning in February for $649.

NA6005 Network Audio Player with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Main Features
• High-quality sound with Marantz's unique engineering
• Analog audio circuits featuring Marantz HDAM-SA2 for high-quality audio
• WiFi and Bluetooth built-in, dual antenna
• WiFi-Sharing and WPS quick connectivity options
• DLNA network music streaming, AirPlay, Internet Radio and Spotify Connect integration
• High-resolution audio playback including DSD2.8 & 5.6Mhz, FLAC 192/24, WAV 192/24, AIFF,
ALAC and Gapless support
• DAC Mode with digital optical input and USB-A on front
• 192-kHz/24-bit D/A Converter
• High-quality components
• Full discrete headphone amplifier with Marantz HDAM-SA2
• Eco friendly: Auto standby, low power consumption in standby mode
• System remote to control Amplifier and Network Player
• Easy operation through large three-line front display and new Marantz Hi-Fi Remote App

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