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I let the unit burn in for a couple weeks and recalibrated the Audyssey just in case something had changed before doing any critical listening; then spun up Paranormal Activity on Blu-ray (Paramount). The film is simple yet amazingly effective, and the Marantz SR7005 did a great job positioning the sound effects, allowing me to sense where the spirit was. When the footsteps and throbbing bass were present prior to its arrival, I was amazed at just how well this receiver did handling the depth of these tones and it filled my bedroom with deep eerie bass.

I watched a favorite film of mine, Fight Club (20th Century Fox), on Blu-ray. The DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack kept me completely involved in the film. The echoes of the cave scene where Tyler finds his animal, a penguin, gave a great sense of space and you could hear the echoing of the drops of water off the walls. Punches had that true smack of flesh and the spinning effects were excellent. No matter what this soundtrack threw at me, the Marantz had no problems accurately portraying them, from the crashing of glass in the office scene to the intensity of gunshots. More importantly, the vocals stayed clean and clear. The balance of presentation was open and clear. I was truly impressed and once again watched the film straight through.

I cued up an old favorite album of mine in Blind Faith's self-titled album (Polydor). The subtlety of the guitars and Steve Winwood's vocals on "Can't Find My Way Home" were smooth, while the drums stayed tight and the cymbals were lively without being harsh. On "Well...All Right," the space of the song was well presented while the percussion stayed solid, keeping all the liveliness of this song in check.

I turned to the Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits (Rhino/WEA). The opening of "Black Water" was quite clear, with a welcome warmth and pluckiness to the acoustic guitar. The vocals were smooth and clear, and as the song picked up, the Marantz kept up with it all. Drums remained clear and there was plenty of separation between the various instruments. On the more energetic "China Grove," the guitars were alive and aggressive as they should be for this piece, while the lead and chorus vocals stayed in check. The keyboards jumped in and out with precision.

I have one of Marantz RX101 Bluetooth receivers, so I connected it and played around streaming music from my iPhone wirelessly to the system. First off, once connected, it functions extremely well as long as the source isn't outside of the limited range of Bluetooth itself. The ability to stream music from my computer or phone, or friends' phones was a great convenience, though you can also connect your iPod or iPhone via the USB port for a purely digital feed from the device, or any other media storage such as a flash drive or even external hard drive, instantly turning the Marantz into a music server.

The remote allows you to control and search through your collection when using the USB interface and Marantz's M-DAX audio expansion can be used to compensate for compression used in MP3's. While I can't say the sound was as good with MP3's versus AIFF files, because it wasn't, the ability to sit with phone in hand and control my tunes was a great convenience and a lot of fun. I found the M-DAX was hit and miss; on some tracks I definitely thought it improved the sound, however on others I didn't like it as much.

I was particularly impressed by how well the Marantz SR7005 did with surround sound. When I was watching TV, Dolby Digital surround effects were exceptionally well balanced and transitioned perfectly. Whether it was a gun click from "Burn Notice" to a crash or thud in "Royal Pains," the Marantz gave me one of the best TV surround experiences I have had in my bedroom. I didn't use any enhanced surround modes during this review, so all I can attribute the enhancement to is possibly the better Audyssey than my current reference receiver uses, giving me better balance between the speakers.

Competition and Comparison
The Marantz SR7005 is a great receiver and one I will be recommending, but there are plenty others receivers at this price point to consider. Those looking to save a little more money can easily step down to Marantz's own SR6005 coming out soon that will also do HDMI 1.4s. The RX101 Bluetooth receiver is optional for this unit or the current, HDMI 1.3 SR6004 which includes the Bluetooth receiver, but won't pass 3D TV or allow use of the Audio Return channel from your display. Certainly at this price you need to consider the Sherwood Newcastle R-972 receiver for $1,799 as well, especially for those with suboptimal speaker placement, as its Trinnov Optimizer can really help compensate for poor speaker placement, in my mind even better than any Audyssey system I have heard.

Other contenders are the new Denon AVR-3311Ci ($1,199) which has Pandora and Flickr support. Onkyo also has a new unit out worthy of consideration, in the TX-NR1008 ($1,399) that is designed for networking as well with the likes of Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody and more.

Yamaha isn't one to be left out either with their new Aventage line ups RX-A2000 ($1,499) or the slightly less expensive RX-A1000 at $1,099. Obviously there are many more choices than these at and near this price point. In order to best suit you and your needs, you will need to decide what features you want and need and which unit provides them with the sonics that best suit your taste. For more information on home theater receivers or for help in deciding which one is best for you and your system please check out Home Theater Review's receiver page.

The Downside
The only things I can complain about are some minor gripes, like that it doesn't support Mac users - but most networked receivers don't. Marantz has abandoned XM Radio, so users are now limited to Sirius for satellite radio, but that's understandable considering the XM-Sirius merger. The remote is pretty well laid out and is fully backlit, but you still would benefit from an aftermarket remote to maximize your enjoyment and ease of use of your system.

Marantz has done a great job with the SR7005 receiver. In each of their latest line revisions they have improved the feature set and the SR7005 is yet another leap forward for them. Sonically it is one of the finest receivers I have had the pleasure of listening to. It is as current as current gets in terms of features, for it can handle 3D TV and the Audio Return Channel from HDMI 1.4a, as well as offer tons of networking flexibility for PC users, plus HD Radio and internet radio for anyone regardless of their computer platform.

The use of Audyssey's MultiEQ XT (and Pro for those with access to the Pro system or for installers) ensures the finest room correction available. The seven channels of amplification can be assigned to adapt to different inputs so you can use them as best suits your needs for use of front width channel or to bi-amp your front speakers or provide power for a second zone.

I loved the new simplified look of the front of this unit, and found the display offered all the information I needed for daily use. When I wanted or needed more data, I could easily flip down the front door and use the larger display - yet didn't have to be assaulted by all this information when it wasn't needed. The onscreen menus and displays are simple and elegant. The remote is solid and backlit and can be programmed to control your entire system, but I think users at this level would benefit from an aftermarket remote to enhance ease of use. All told, this is one of the finest receivers I have had the pleasure of using and I bought mine to replace Marantz's own SR8002, as it offered me future-proofing for 3D TV and gave a more enveloping soundfield than even their own more expensive model. This is an exceptional receiver and one I enthusiastically recommend.

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