Published On: December 23, 2012

Marshall Hanwell Compact Loudspeaker Now Available

Published On: December 23, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Marshall Hanwell Compact Loudspeaker Now Available

The name Marshall has been famous for being on stage during liver performances by musical acts. Now, the company has made a new product that hopes to bring that name into the home.

Marshall Hanwell Compact Loudspeaker Now Available

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Marshall-Hanwell-speaker-small.jpgMarshall Headphones, together with Marshall Amplification, recently announced that Hanwell is now on sale at AC Gears, J&R, Fred Segel, Urban Outfitters online and other retailers across the United States for $800. The Marshall Hanwell is also available in Europe, Japan, and online at 

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The Hanwell is the very first home audio product to bear Marshall's script logo. Hailing from a line of 50th anniversary products, the Hanwell brings Marshall's heritage into your home.

The Hanwell is a carefully crafted machine, designed to attain that trademark Marshall tone. Reportedly, its dual long-throw woofers produce super lows, and hi-fi tweeters yield sharp extended highs.

The Hanwell is housed in a wooden cabinet and clad in black vinyl. It features an analog power switch and controls for volume, bass and treble. The fret cloth and gold logo on the front are borrowed from vintage Marshall amplifiers. The body is outlined with gold piping for a celebratory effect.

As a tribute to Marshall's 50-year legacy, each Hanwell is branded with a numbered anniversary edition commemorative badge.

• Compact Active Loudspeaker
• 6" Long Throw HiFi Woofers - 2X
• Ferrofluid Cooled HiFi Dome - 2X
• PWM Amplifier - 100W (Cool Running)
• Over Temperature Protection
• Frequency Response - 35HZ-20KHZ +/-5DB
• Bass and Treble Tone Controls
• Max Output - 110DB SPL@1M
• Mains Input Voltage - 100-120/220-230 VAC, 50/60HZ
• Max Power Consumption - 200W
• Dimensions - 435 X 193 X 297MM / 17.15 X 7.60 X 11.70IN
• Weight - 10.5KG / 23LB

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