Published On: January 27, 2011

MartinLogan Introduces Motion LX Series with High-Performance Bookshelf and Tower Speakers

Published On: January 27, 2011

MartinLogan Introduces Motion LX Series with High-Performance Bookshelf and Tower Speakers

MartinLogan has introduced the new Motion LX Series which features Bookshelf and Tower models of speakers. They feature traditional quality wood craftsmanship and minimalistic elegance. In addition, there are extensive performance improvements that will keep users on the cutting edge of audio technology.

MartinLogan-MotionLX26.gifMartinLogan just unveiled the new Motion LX Series with Bookshelf and Tower models, featuring traditional quality wood craftsmanship and minimalistic elegance along with extensive performance improvements.


The Motion LX16 bookshelf features MartinLogan's advanced resolution Folded Motion tweeter, a low-distortion 5.25-inch high-excursion woofer, and low-turbulence rear-firing bass port for extended bass performance.

A step up to the Motion LX26 tower achieves even more low-frequency performance with dual low-distortion, 5.25-inch high-excursion woofers and a low-turbulence rear-firing bass port. The LX26's floor standing design increases the internal volume for extended power handling; capably delivering a rich, deep low frequency performance.

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This new Motion line's clean design takes cues from MartinLogan's ESL Series of electrostatic loudspeakers. "We wanted the same performance, if not better, than our Motion Series, with a minimalistic design featuring luxurious real-wood," reveals Carl Masters, Mechanical Designer for MartinLogan.

MartinLogan's signature perforated steel grille appears to float in front of the solidly constructed 3/4-inch thick MDF cabinets. Hidden discretely beneath the grille, the drivers are secured by a solid, black-anodized brushed aluminum baffle that sits flush with the cabinet. Folded Motion tweeters and woofers are seamlessly blended with an advanced topology crossover network featuring polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors, custom wound inductors, and thermal and current protection. The Motion LX Series also features custom five-way binding posts for connection versatility.

Priced starts at $799.95 per pair (US) for the Motion LX16. Pricing for the Motion LX26 is TBD. Both are scheduled to ship in 2011 and will be available at select high-performance audio retailer.

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