Published On: May 9, 2012

MartinLogan’s Truth in Sound Tour Continues

Published On: May 9, 2012

MartinLogan’s Truth in Sound Tour Continues

MartinLogan wants to show consumers first hand what their speakers sound like, specifically the CLX Art floorstanding speakers. To do this they have organized events across the country.

Truth_In_Sound.jpgIn August 2011, MartinLogan began touring the United States to give exclusive demos of the CLX Art electrostatic speakers at some of the best audio dealers in the country. It is a unique opportunity to hear the sound reproduction quality of the CLX Art’s full range electrostatic line source technology.

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In addition, MartinLogan representatives will be present to answer any and all questions, no matter how hard hitting. These representatives will also provide intimate demos for attendees of the listening events.

It’s a great way to get exposed to the electrostatic speaker technology.

The next event will be held from 2pm-8pm on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at:

Audio Advice
11409 Carolina Place Parkway
Pineville, NC 28314

For more event dates, visit MartinLogan’s Tuth in Sound Tour page.

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