Published On: August 15, 2023

Masonite M-PWR Smart Door Is Now Available for $4,000

Published On: August 15, 2023
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Masonite M-PWR Smart Door Is Now Available for $4,000

Home Depot now offers Masonite M-PWR Smart Door with built-in smart lock and doorbell functionality.

Masonite M-PWR Smart Door Is Now Available for $4,000

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The Masonite M-PWR Smart Door has arrived at Home Depot, and it can be yours today if you don't mind splashing $4,000 to purchase it. This innovative smart door comes equipped with some cutting-edge features such as a built-in Ring video doorbell and Yale smart lock. Aimed at transforming the way homeowners interact with their entryways, the M-PWR Smart Door should provide a host of benefits.

With the price starting at $4,000, this door promises to offer a blend of security, aesthetics, and functionality. However, potential buyers should note that this price does not cover installation costs, which require professional assistance due to the door's electrical connection requirements.

One of the main features of the M-PWR Smart Door is its direct integration into the home's electrical system. This aspect addresses a common challenge faced by many smart devices – battery life and recharging. 

Traditional smart locks and video doorbells often need frequent battery replacements, leading to inconveniences and potential security gaps. By tapping into the home's power supply, the M-PWR door should eliminate these concerns. Additionally, the door includes a backup power source to ensure continued operation even during power outages.

The M-PWR smart door offers more than just electrical integration. Crafted with a durable fiberglass construction, the door is built to last, promising decades of use. Homeowners can choose from a range of styles and colors to suit their architectural preferences, with some models priced up to $7,000. 

Masonite M-PWR Smart Door - front door for $4000

Beyond its physical attributes, the door has advanced features such as motion-activated lighting and a door activity sensor. These features can be managed through the proprietary M-PWR app, offering users convenient control over their home's entry points.

However, the convenience of integrated technology comes with certain trade-offs. Users will need to manage multiple apps to harness the full potential of the M-PWR smart door. Specifically, the Ring app controls the video doorbell, the Yale app manages the smart lock, and the M-PWR app handles the door's various functions. While this approach offers comprehensive control, it may require users to navigate between different applications for a unified experience.

One consideration for prospective buyers is the longevity of the technology embedded in the door. Masonite has addressed this concern by designing the door with upgradability in mind. While the door itself is built to last, the integrated technology may become obsolete over time. 

Cory Sorice, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer of Masonite International, mentioned, "The door will last decades, but the tech won't — so it's designed to make upgrades over time."

The Masonite M-PWR Smart Door's availability at Home Depot could mark a significant step in the evolution of smart home solutions. While installation requires professional expertise due to its electrical integration, the door promises to enhance both security and convenience for homeowners who are willing to invest in this innovative and forward-looking technology. 

To learn more about the features and potential of the Masonite M-PWR Smart Door, you can visit the official website for more information.

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