Published On: August 5, 2009


Published On: August 5, 2009
Last Updated on: January 8, 2021
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Current: Eric WalasekPublisher Dennis BurgerSenior EditorDennis Burger is a long time AV industry veteran writer having worked in the past for Home Theater Magazine, Robb […]


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Eric Walasek

Dennis Burger
Senior Editor
Dennis Burger is a long time AV industry veteran writer having worked in the past for Home Theater Magazine, Robb Report Home Entertainment and Design, Sound + Vision, Residential Systems and Today, Dennis manages the HTR editorial staff, edits all of the posted copy and much more. Dennis is one of the more prolific writers on staff with expertise in CEA 2010 subwoofer measurements, room correction and is a specialist for categories such as AV Preamps and AV Receivers.

Steven Stone Editor
Steven is one of the most experienced audiophile reviewers in the specialty AV business today. Steven manages the audiophile blog,, as well as reviewing various audiophile products on

Brian Kahn Esq.
Senior Writer
Brian Kahn is the longest tenured writer on staff at and reviews everything from speakers to Sonos-like whole-home audio systems to very high end audiophile products. By day, Brian is a partner in a West Los Angeles law firm.

Scott Schumer
Staff Writer
Scott is a MI (musical instruments) industry executive based in Florida who writes on more consumer level products for including affordable speakers, subwoofers and headphones.

Bob Barrett
Staff Writer
Bob is serves a dual role at including both mid to high-end home theater as well as reviewing audiophile components including higher end loudspeakers.

Greg Handy
Staff Writer
Greg Handy is a high end home theater specialist as he is currently rocking a full object-based surround sound system. He also works a lot with high performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers as well as cutting edge electronics.

Myron Ho
Staff Writer
Myron Ho is a dual threat in that he is has a state of the art, object-based home theater as well as a reference level home theater system in his California home. Myron is one of our staff experts on the category of amplifiers.

Ben Shyman
Staff Writer
Ben is our Gen X audiophile reviewer focused on audio's disc-less future, high end DACs, DAC-preamps and beyond. In his spare time, Ben is a armature tri-athlete and as a photographer he has worked for four NFL teams on both coasts.

Scott Wasser
Staff Writer
Scott is a newspaper industry veteran with a special focus on home automation, soundbars and affordable audio.

Sean Killebrew
Staff Reviewer
Sean Killebrew is a staff writer at, specializing in mass market electronics, including receivers, Blu-ray players, HD video gaming systems and 7.1 speaker packages.


Jerry Del Colliano
Jerry Del Colliano is the founder and publisher of He writes many of the lead news stories and is involved with the day to day editorial that posts to the site. Del Colliano founded, and which he sold to Internet Brands in February 2008. Del Colliano has a degree in Music Industry from the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music. He also has an extensive background in high-end AV sales, having worked at Bryn Mawr Stereo and Sassafras Audio in Philadelphia in the early 1990s, as well as at Christopher Hansen Ltd in Beverly Hills, Mark Levinson's Cello Music and Film Los Angeles.

Andrew Robinson
Video Editor
Andrew Robinson is the video editor at Andrew is a filmmaker by trade and owns his own ad agency in Austin, Texas. He is a capable video calibrator and an enthusiast for all-things voice-activated, smart home and IoT (Internet of Things)

Michael Hamilton
Staff Writer
Michael Hamilton is an Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) instructor and professional video calibrator now living in Los Angeles. In the past Michael has written for but today he's a front video projector and video screen expert for

Ken Taraszka M.D.
Staff Reviewer
Ken Taraszka is the Associate Editor of, working closely with Andrew Robinson and Jerry Del Colliano on feature reviews and lead news stories. Taraszka is an anesthesiologist by trade and the former associate editor of

Terry London
Audiophile Staff Writer
Mr. London is a psychologist who is an expert in R.E.B.T based in Chicago. At, Terry is our resident audiophile reviewer who seeks out the best value and highest performance products from both establishment companies as well as more fringe brands.

Matthew Partrick M.D.
Staff Writer
Dr. Partrick is an audiophile, guitar collector, avid diver and disc-less HD music enthusiast who is expert on today's HD streaming services, HD downloads and all of the control platforms and systems needed to bring them to life in your audio-video system.

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