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High Points
• The McIntosh AP1 Audio Player is a fun, stylish way to jazz up your iPod, iPad or iPhone's otherwise drab music interface.
• The McIntosh AP1 Audio Player is easy to use and live with on the go, in fact many of the controls are more easily located and usable compared to the iTunes mobile interface-not to mention they're labeled in plain English too.
• Turn your iPod, Apple's iPad or iPhone sideways and the blue meter takes up almost the whole screen, which is far more McIntosh like.
• For free-ninety-nine (free) the AP1 Audio Player is meant to be fun and in that regard I believe McIntosh has succeeded.

Low Points
• It's hard to argue with free but the AP1 doesn't offer any sonic benefits over the mobile iTunes interface or sound quality, the latter I'm sure is going to upset some of the McIntosh faithful.
• The AP1 Audio Player does not support video of any kind.
• As I said earlier the AP1 Audio Player is a great way to introduce younger audiences to the McIntosh brand though the fact that McIntosh offers nothing in the iPod/iPad/iPhone price range for their newly acquired fans to buy is a mistake. McIntosh could learn a thing or two from Bowers & Wilkins who have become exceedingly successful at selling their brand and computer based products, be it speakers or headphones, to the Apple crowd for some time now.

For a free app meant to spice up your portable entertainment experience on your iPod or iPhone the AP1 Audio Player app from McIntosh succeeds. Though once the novelty of its dancing blue meter and green touch controls wears off I'm afraid all you're left with is another app that merely "skins" your already familiar iPod/iTunes interface, which is kind of a shame given McIntosh's reputation for high-end sound reproduction - something that is missing from the AP1's feature set.

Still, from a branding standpoint I applaud McIntosh for not being to stuck in their old ways and for making the app in the first place, I just hope that they'll also start making affordable products for the new fans they're sure to garner as a result of its creation.

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