Published On: April 14, 2010

McIntosh Blu-ray Clients Get a Discount on Neil Young Boxed Set

Published On: April 14, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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McIntosh Blu-ray Clients Get a Discount on Neil Young Boxed Set

Taking a cue from a Neil Young album title, McIntosh, like rust, never sleeps when it comes to finding ways to entice customers. McIntosh's latest promotion for its Universal Audio/Video Blu-ray player is a tie-in with Reprise Records and the Neil Young Archives.

McIntosh Blu-ray Clients Get a Discount on Neil Young Boxed Set

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McIntosh-MVP881BR-Blu-ray.gifMcIntosh just announce that it is teaming up with Reprise Records and the Neil Young Archives for a promotion tied to its first-ever Universal Audio/Video Blu-ray Player, model MVP881 BR (SRP: $8,000), which is compatible with virtually all of today's most advanced video and audio disc formats. As part of the limited-time promotion, purchasers of the McIntosh MVP881 Blu-ray player, which ships this month, will receive a free in-package "Disc Zero" promotional disc featuring selected tracks from the "Neil Young Archives Volume 1" 10-disc Blu-ray boxed set, along with a coupon (valid through 2011) entitling them to a $25 discount off of the purchase of the highly acclaimed collection.


McIntosh President Charlie Randall noted: "Our alliance with Reprise Records and Neil Young for this Blu-ray promotion is truly a match made in audiophile heaven. Both McIntosh and Neil Young share a longstanding devotion to high-quality sound, and we've both been strong advocates of Blu-ray, which offers music lovers a brand new level of audio quality and performance. To create the MVP881 Blu-ray player, McIntosh engineers and designers brought to the drawing table a combination of world-class expertise, technological virtuosity and sheer enthusiasm for their craft - all qualities that are reflected in Neil Young's music and life over the years. The result is a new type of component that reproduces music in a more realistic and emotionally connecting way. We're proud and honored to help bring this groundbreaking product to market through an alliance with Reprise Records and Neil Young."

About "Neil Young Archives Volume 1"
"Neil Young Archives Volume 1" is the first volume of the Neil Young Archives series of box sets, produced by the artist himself. Volume 1 covers the period from his earliest recordings with the Squires in Winnipeg, 1963, through to his classic 1972 album, "Harvest" and beyond, including studio and live tracks with Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse. This 10-disc set holds a total of 128 tracks, all presented in high resolution 24-bit/96 Khz stereo PCM Audiophile quality sound, and featuring nearly 60 previously unreleased songs, versions, mixes, or rare tracks. The set also includes the full-length feature film "Journey Through the Past," as well as a 238-page hardbound "journal" featuring Neil Young's childhood photos, memorabilia, clippings recollections and more.

About the McIntosh MVP881 BR Universal Blu-ray Player
The McIntosh MVP881 BR is a single source component offering universal compatibility and world-class performance from virtually all today's most advanced video and audio disc formats, also supporting BD-Live Blu-ray Profile 2.0 web-enabled features. It reflects all of McIntosh's leading-edge craftsmanship, attention to detail and unmatched performance, and sets a new reference standard in ultimate-quality source components.

In addition to its advanced Blu-ray capabilities, the MVP881 BR Universal Audio/Video Player excels at playing SACD and DVD Audio discs as well as standard CDs and DVDs. The elegantly designed rock-solid "dreadnaught style" component features custom fabricated steel and aluminum casework with unique, compartmentalized sub structures that inhibit resonance while shielding sensitive audio circuits. Most notably, the unit features a supremely durable all-metal disc mechanism. Set in a heavy, damped base, this quiet-running mechanism is exceptionally accurate, and also features a cast-aluminum disc tray. For maximum flexibility in convenience and installation, the unit also features an SD card reader, an RS232C interface and an Ethernet connection for BD-Live content and future software updates.

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