Published On: June 25, 2010

McIntosh Introduces XCS200 Center Channel Loudspeaker

Published On: June 25, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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McIntosh Introduces XCS200 Center Channel Loudspeaker

McIntosh has just introduced a high end center channel speaker called the McIntosh XCS200 which can also be used as an LCR (left center right) speaker in home theater configurations. The speaker goes from 80 Hz to a reported 45 kHz in the high end.

McIntosh Introduces XCS200 Center Channel Loudspeaker

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McIntosh-XCS200-newsimage.gifMcIntosh Laboratory, a provider of home entertainment systems for over 60 years, has announced the introduction of the XCS200 Center Channel Loudspeaker (MSRP: $6,000). The XCS200 produces an image that complements McIntosh's XR200 loudspeakers when used in home entertainment systems. Not limited for use as a center channel, however, the XCS200 also can perform as a left, right, or surround loudspeaker. Designed for use in home theater installations, the McIntosh XCS200 handles 600 watts of power. Initial shipments are scheduled to begin later this month.

Performs as Left- Right- or Surround Sound Speaker

The XCS200 boasts a frequency response of 80 Hz to 45 kHz. With a custom extruded aluminum enclosure, the XCS200's concave side panels resist standing waves and contribute to the appearance. The XCS200 offers a high-gloss piano black finish front baffle and an articulating stand for placement and positioning. An optional wall mount kit is included, and an in-wall kit is available for purchase separately. Three sets of gold plated input connectors allow for bi- and tri-amping or wiring.

The XCS200 features two McIntosh 8-inch LD/HP woofers mounted behind a custom baffle housing a multi-driver line array featuring eight 2-inch titanium midrange drivers using neo-radial technology and five 0.75-inch titanium dome tweeter drivers, arranged in a quasi-point source array. According to the company, the low moving mass of the tweeter elements helps extend system response to 45 kHz.

McIntosh President Charlie Randall noted: "The creation of the XCS200 loudspeaker was a true labor of love for our McIntosh audio engineers and designers, and we are all very proud. Our innovative multi-driver approach, now in its' sixth generation, offers wide bandwidth and is phase-coherent within the audio band for an astoundingly lifelike and non-fatiguing sound - a hallmark of our acclaimed high-performance loudspeakers."

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