Published On: November 19, 2021

McIntosh Introduces the C12000 Preamplifier - Tubes or Transistors? How About Both!

Published On: November 19, 2021
Last Updated on: November 22, 2021
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McIntosh Introduces the C12000 Preamplifier - Tubes or Transistors? How About Both!

The new C12000 is a 2-piece, dual-mono preamp with a novel design that maximizes audio fidelity.

McIntosh Introduces the C12000 Preamplifier - Tubes or Transistors? How About Both!

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McIntosh has officially introduced the C12000 Preamplifier, a one-of-a-kind two-chassis design with a separate audio section and power section. This design approach is said to produce the purest sound reproduction attainable.

The C12000 is made up of two modules: the C12000 Controller Module and the C12000 Preamplifier Module. These are connected and work concurrently; the C12000 Controller houses all power control, data ports, and external control connections.

In this design, dual isolated power supplies provide current to drive the two channels, with a dual microprocessor firmly controlling the system. With its genuine dual-mono operation, the C12000 Preamplifier Module provides the ultimate in stereo separation and acoustic purity.

This preamp has the rather unusual feature of giving the listener a choice between tube or solid-state output, based on personal preference or the music being played. It's really two preamps in one! Fun stuff, as you'd expect from Mcintosh.

Preorders are being accepted. Pricing is set at $8000 per module, so $16,000 for the full unit. McIntosh anticipates it will begin shipping the C12000 in December 2021.

Key C12000 Key Features

· (12) analog inputs including (6) balanced, (4) unbalanced, and (2) phono inputs

· Offers both vacuum tube and solid-state output for maximum flexibility of listening options

· Programmable phono inputs with adjustable capacitance and resistance loading for greater compatibility with a variety of turntables

· Phono stage utilizes (4) 12AX7A vacuum tubes, with (2) tubes per channel in a fully balanced configuration that incorporates RIAA equalization

· Increased user adjustment options reflecting a new level of user customization in McIntosh preamp design

· Includes high output, high drive headphone jack with user-selectable Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD®)

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