Published On: June 14, 2024

McIntosh MB25 Merges High-Fidelity Audio with Bluetooth Convenience

Published On: June 14, 2024
Last Updated on: June 25, 2024
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McIntosh MB25 Merges High-Fidelity Audio with Bluetooth Convenience

The McIntosh MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver brings modern streaming convenience to any audio system without sacrificing sound quality.

McIntosh MB25 Merges High-Fidelity Audio with Bluetooth Convenience

McIntosh Laboratory Inc. has announced the release of its latest innovation, the MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver. This new product aims to bridge the gap between the convenience of streaming music from smartphones and the high-quality sound that McIntosh is known for. The McIntosh MB25 is designed to seamlessly integrate with any home audio system, providing a versatile solution for both modern and vintage setups.

The MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver allows users to stream music directly from their smartphones to their home audio systems via Bluetooth. While many Bluetooth-enabled systems may compromise on sound quality, the MB25 ensures that even the most discerning audiophiles can enjoy their music collections with the audio excellence they demand. 

The McIntosh MB25 is compatible with both Bluetooth streaming devices and physical media sources such as CDs and vinyl records, making it a flexible addition to any audio setup.

McIntosh MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver

One of the most notable aspects of the McIntosh MB25 is its compact, standalone design. This makes it easy to integrate into any home audio system without the need for additional apps or complex setup processes. 

The MB25 uses Class 1 Bluetooth technology, which provides a robust and reliable connection with a transmission range of up to 150 feet. An external antenna further enhances this performance, ensuring clear and consistent audio signals whether the MB25 is functioning as a receiver or a transmitter.

Front view of the McIntosh MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver.

The MB25 retains all the features of its predecessor, the MB20, but introduces several enhancements for an improved user experience. Notable upgrades include an illuminated front glass panel that displays audio signal rates and connection types, as well as the ability to select the desired input in transmit mode. This gives users greater control over their audio experience.

Additionally, the MB25 includes a Power Control feature, allowing it to be easily turned on and off along with the rest of a McIntosh audio system.

The McIntosh MB25 offers a range of connectivity options, making it a versatile component in any audio system. It features both balanced and unbalanced stereo inputs and outputs for analog connectivity.

Rear view of the McIntosh MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver.

For those using an outboard Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), the MB25 includes coaxial and optical inputs and outputs to facilitate digital connections. Leveraging Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the MB25 supports high-fidelity codecs such as Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and Qualcomm aptX HD, ensuring high-quality audio reproduction.

As a transceiver, the MB25 can function as either a Bluetooth receiver or transmitter, although not simultaneously. In receiver mode, users can stream audio from compatible Bluetooth devices to the MB25 and then play it through their sound systems using the various output connections. 

McIntosh MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver with vintage unit side by side.

In transmitter mode, users can stream audio from physical media sources to Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers. This makes the MB25 an excellent solution for integrating wireless audio distribution within a home, especially when paired with additional units like the MB20.

The MB25 is encased in a sleek, custom aluminum chassis with a black glass front panel that features an illuminated logo. This elegant design allows the MB25 to seamlessly blend with both McIntosh and non-McIntosh systems. The device includes a wall-mount power supply with global adapters, making it convenient for users worldwide.

The McIntosh MB25 Bluetooth Transceiver will be available in July through authorized McIntosh dealers. It is priced at $600, €850, and £850.

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