McIntosh MC275 Stereo Power Amplifier Reviewed

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McIntosh_MC275_amp.jpgHigh Points
• The 

MC275 combines classic and contemporary amplifier design attributes to remain a sonic benchmark after more than 45 years.

• The amplifier delivers superb sound quality - smooth, richly textured, natural and evenly balanced.
• The MC275 is built to extremely high standards and made in the United States, which is becoming more and more rare these days.
• The amplifier appearance is classic '60s retro hi-fi-cool. For those who love the McIntosh look, they will love the MC275.
• Standard, balanced RCA audio inputs are provided.

Low Points
• It's a tube amp, so you will have to deal with tube replacement at some point, which obviously isn't a consideration with solid state amplifiers. Solid state amps also don't sound like tubes, but you knew that already, didn't you?
• The bass isn't as controlled or tight as some other solid state and high-end tube amplifiers can deliver.
• 75 watts per channel may not be enough for inefficient or hard-to-drive loudspeakers, especially for listening at louder volumes.
• Earlier versions feature terminal strip-type speaker connectors, which don't accept larger spade lugs or banana plugs.

The McIntosh MC275 is a pleasure to listen to - sweet and involving, with a smooth, natural presentation that encourages listening to favorite music for hours on end. Although other amplifiers - for example, high-frequency resolution or the dynamic capability of an amplifier with higher power output - may best the MC275 in a particular sonic area, its overall presentation is unfailingly musical, natural and inviting.

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