McIntosh MC501 Monaural Power Amplifier Reviewed

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High Points
-  The McIntosh MC501 delivers excellent sonic performance and does so without ever breaking a sweat.

- McIntosh build quality is legendary and the MC501 certainly upholds this tradition.
- The MC501 is extremely flexible and will work well with any speaker that you care to pair with it.
- If you love the traditional look of McIntosh gear, you will certainly be a fan of the MC501.  All the traditional McIntosh styling cues are present, but somehow it looks modern while wearing them.

Low Points
The MC501 is a large amplifier, so finding the space for five or more for a home theatre installation will take some planning.
- Considering the current capability of this amplifier, several dedicated circuits may be required to keep the MC501s operating at their full potential.
- Love it or hate it, styling may keep some from even considering the MC501, which is a shame, since it is such a good amplifier.

The big McIntosh MC501s are very impressive amplifiers.  Sonically, they can compete with the big boys of the industry and have a heritage that is second to none.  Visually, there is nothing quite like a McIntosh, which may or may not be a positive attribute, depending on your taste.  Regardless of what you see, I can't imagine many will be disappointed with what they hear.

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• Check out an all-tube blog page at

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