Published On: September 7, 2023

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer: A Tower of Sonic Power

Published On: September 7, 2023
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McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer: A Tower of Sonic Power

McIntosh breaks new ground with the PS2K powered subwoofer, boasting 2,000 watts of pure power.

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer: A Tower of Sonic Power

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In the ever-evolving landscape of high-end audio equipment, McIntosh Laboratories has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship with the introduction of their latest offering: the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer. 

This audio behemoth is not for the faint of heart, both in terms of its sheer power and its price tag. With an intriguing design that sets it apart from conventional subwoofers and an impressive array of features, the McIntosh PS2K is poised to make waves in the world of high-fidelity audio.

“McIntosh has always prioritized top of the line sound quality, innovation, versatility, and longevity within its products,” said McIntosh President Charlie Randall. “The PS2K Powered Subwoofer is a true testament to all of the brand’s core principles. We are incredibly excited to see consumers’ reactions as they transform their listening spaces with this premium subwoofer.”

The McIntosh PS2K powered subwoofer is a sight to behold. Standing at an imposing 6.5 feet tall and weighing a staggering 458 pounds (932 pounds when shipped), this subwoofer demands attention. What sets it apart from the competition is its unique design, which appears more like a tower speaker than a traditional subwoofer. It houses four vertically stacked 13-inch drivers, each equipped with its own 500-watt amplifier, culminating in a combined power output of a colossal 2,000 watts.

McIntosh has spared no expense in crafting the PS2K's drivers. They feature multilayer carbon fiber cones, a significant upgrade from the previous single-layer design. This new construction minimizes flexibility, ensuring extended excursion travel and extreme rigidity, all while reducing unwanted flexing. McIntosh's Low Distortion High-Performance magnetic circuit design further enhances the drivers' capabilities, significantly reducing distortion while increasing power handling and efficiency.

The front and back of McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer.

The PS2K's rear panel is a testament to McIntosh's dedication to providing audiophiles with complete control over their bass experience. Traditional dials for level, phase, and filtering are complemented by parametric filters for frequency, bandwidth, and level, offering precise tuning options for the most discerning listeners.

The subwoofer doesn't skimp on connectivity either. It offers both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs for stereo signals, as well as dedicated subwoofer inputs and outputs. Remarkably, it even provides the option for daisy-chaining multiple PS2K units for those seeking earth-shaking bass in their setups.

To safeguard the PS2K's valuable components, McIntosh has incorporated two advanced protection technologies. Power Guard constantly monitors the audio input signal, making swift adjustments to prevent clipping, ensuring a clean and distortion-free audio experience. Sentry Monitor, on the other hand, is a fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit that disengages the amplifier's output stage if current levels exceed safe operating limits, automatically resetting when conditions return to normal.

The PS2K Powered Subwoofer is purpose-built to complement McIntosh's high-end loudspeakers, such as the XCS1.5K, XRT2.1K, and XRT1.1K models, which are designed for expansive listening spaces. Its formidable power and precision ensure that it can seamlessly integrate into these setups, delivering the deep, thunderous bass that audiophiles crave.

It's worth noting that the McIntosh PS2K is not for everyone. Its hefty price tag of $50,000 firmly places it in the realm of luxury audio equipment. However, for those fortunate enough to own McIntosh's top-tier loudspeakers and have the space to accommodate this behemoth, the PS2K promises an unparalleled audio experience.

The PS2K Powered Subwoofer will be showcased for the first time at the prestigious CEDIA Expo on September 7, 2023, and will be available for purchase through authorized McIntosh dealers starting in October 2023.

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