Published On: January 16, 2011

McIntosh Releases an App for iPhones and iPads

Published On: January 16, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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McIntosh Releases an App for iPhones and iPads

McIntosh is one of the oldest brands in the AV industry and even in 2011 McIntosh still maintains an aura of classic, old school styling. So it's somewhat shocking to hear that they've released an iPod/iPad App, which may not sit well with McIntosh's audiophile faithful but is sure to attract new fans to the fold.

McIntosh Releases an App for iPhones and iPads

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McIntosh Laboratory is offering iPhone and iPad users the opportunity to enjoy an iconic McIntosh experience anywhere and anytime with its new AP1 Audio Player iPhone/iPad App, available now for downloading at the iTunes Store.

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The AP1 Audio Player offers virtually all features of the existing iPod App, while tailoring the portable playback/control experience for the unique McIntosh style. With the new App, iPhone and iPad users will now be able to select tracks, artists, play lists and albums as well as control the volume of the music, with all controls fully customized and consistent with McIntosh styling and functionality.

When not used as a controller, the AP1 will default to a McIntosh "Meter Display Mode" and act as a live meter display for the music in effect, providing users with a backdrop consistent with the iconic "McIntosh Blue" LED watt meter. The App will function independent of any external hardware (i.e. Dock) and allow a portable McIntosh experience for all iPhone and iPad users.

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