Published On: January 20, 2010

Meridian's New 861v6 V preamp

Published On: January 20, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Meridian's New 861v6 V preamp

Meridian Audio has just unveiled the sixth version of the 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller: the 861 V6. This model incorporates SpeakerLink output connectivity for up to eight channels of Meridian DSP Loundspeakers.

Meridian's New 861v6 V preamp

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Since its first appearance in 1998, the Meridian 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller has consistently offered the industry's highest standard in surround processing and system control. Its modular architecture allows each unit to be individually specified and manufactured. Modular architecture also means that as technology standards advance and new features are developed existing 861s can be upgraded - adding new processing features and connectivity - a service that maintains the value of the customer's original investment.

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Now, Meridian Audio is proud to unveil its sixth version of the 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller - the 861 V6. This new model incorporates SpeakerLink output connectivity for up to eight channels of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers and an eight-channel MMHR input as standard features. The 861 V6 also includes a number of other connectivity and performance updates, which makes it arguably the most advanced and user friendly high-end Digital Surround Controller available.

At the heart of the ultimate movie system, 861 V6 links all audio sources with flexible switching and control, provides advanced audio processing to ensure all sources deliver the highest quality sounds, and manages the system's loudspeakers to ensure perfect performance in the chosen listening environment. SpeakerLink output connectivity makes specifying and installing a Meridian Digital Theatre system easier than ever before and at the same time lifts performance to an even higher level. The inclusion of a digital output card (OE14) as part of the 861 V6 core means all 861 V6 Surround Controllers will be available as standard with sufficient output connectivity for a full Meridian Digital Theatre. The Meridian Multi-channel High-Resolution (MMHR) input on the IE44 card allows a simple single-wire connection to be made between 861 V6 and a Meridian HD621. This link functions at up to eight-channels and allows a system combining 861 V6 and HD621 to deliver the full multi-channel experience from Blu-ray Discs with the latest soundtracks.

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SpeakerLink inputs on IE44 and optional ID26 cards allow simple high-quality connections to be made between Meridian Sooloos products (e.g. Control 10) and the 861 V6. The SpeakerLink input carries digital audio at up to 96 kHz, 24-bit resolution as well as Meridian Comms. SpeakerLink provides a simpler and more robust method of connection than legacy digital audio and Comms connections, especially over long distances, making installations quicker and more reliable.

The optional ID40 Sooloos Card enables 861 V6 to connect directly to a Sooloos network. It allows the 861 to render audio from the Sooloos system and for control commands sent through the 861 (IR, Comms, and Serial) to be used to control the Sooloos current Play List. 861 V6 can upsample and process (for example using Trifield) the audio stream from Sooloos to enhance sound quality and presentation on a multi-channel system. ID40 Sooloos Card and 861 V6 allow for the highest audio quality integration of Sooloos in to a Meridian Digital Theatre system. Analogue inputs provided by IA04 offer superior audio performance compared to analogue inputs on older versions of 861. IA04 can be configured to provide up to six stereo inputs or up to two six-channel inputs. This level of performance and flexibility minimizes the need for additional analogue input cards to be specified, reducing complexity and 861 configuration prices for many customers.

861 V6 will be offered in three standard 800 Series colors; Graphite, Silver and Black as well as the full range of Meridian Select color options. An upgrade program will be offered so that owners of existing 861s can upgrade to this latest specification where appropriate.

The Meridian 861 V6 Reference Digital Surround Controller is expected to be available in February at a suggested retail price of $25,995.

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