Published On: February 1, 2013

Meridian Audio Introduces DSP640 In-wall Speaker

Published On: February 1, 2013
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Meridian Audio Introduces DSP640 In-wall Speaker

Meridian Audio has expanded the company's DSP loudspeakers in a completely new way. The company is now offering two models of in-wall speakers to complement their existing DSP speakers.

Meridian Audio Introduces DSP640 In-wall Speaker

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Meridian-DSP640-In-wall-speaker-small.jpgMeridian Audio introduces the next model in the new range of Digital Active In-wall Loudspeaker models including the DSP520 and DSW500 subwoofer. The DSP640 was part of Meridian's demonstration during CES 2013

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Delivering Meridian DSP loudspeaker performance, the in-wall range has been designed to expand and complement the existing range of Meridian DSP loudspeakers. The Meridian DSP in-walls offer the ability to create a discreet installation or mix and match them with Meridian's freestanding loudspeakers, such as the newly updated DSP7200.

The DSP in-wall loudspeakers are also designed to make it simple and convenient to add a zone to existing Meridian Digital Media Systems. Meridian's Media Source 200 simply mounts on the back of these in-wall loudspeakers and can be operated from any Digital Media System controller such as the Core Control App for iPad.

As with every Meridian loudspeaker design, special attention has been paid to ensure the highest quality audio performance. The DSP640 and DSP520 are built with the drivers mounted into the front extrusion of the enclosure itself, while a separate upper case holds the electronics, consisting of DSP, digital audio converters and an individual amplifier per driver.

The new in-wall loudspeakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically, in a wall or ceiling. Both models include a paintable magnetic grille, and elements including frame, rough-in box, etc. include room for adjustment enabling the entire assembly to be fitted into almost any type of wall and blend with the décor.

DSP520 now available: $5,000 each
DSP640 available February 2013: $7,500 each

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