Meridian Opens First US Boutique

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Meridian Opens First US Boutique

Meridian-Fort-Lauderdale-US-Boutique-small.jpgMeridian recently announced the opening of its first boutique in the US, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, becoming the 14th boutique across the globe to provide a Meridian retail environment.

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The Fort Lauderdale boutique will be a dedicated showcase for Meridian's products, offering customers a full Meridian experience, including a reportedly state-of-the-art home theater setting. Many products will be on display including the DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers, Meridian Reference Series, and the Digital Media Systems.

The boutique is owned and operated by Nicholas Ehr and Tim Ralph. Childhood friends, the pair has been in business since 2003, operating in both residential custom installation as well as commercial IT industries. "Having been a Meridian partner for many years, we have great respect and admiration for the brand," said Ehr. "Once the boutiques started evolving, we knew that our area and expertise would be well-suited for the US expansion. We love selling the Meridian experience--it's something we have a personal passion for and this opportunity is perfect for us."

He continued: "From firsthand experience I am certain that the location of the boutique showroom is perfect for the type of products we offer here at Meridian Fort Lauderdale. We have already received a warm welcome from the other businesses within the area and look forward to developing opportunities with local partners, including Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale."

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