Meridian Reveals the Next Gen Meridian Sooloos: Sooloos 2.0

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Meridian, next week will debut an exciting series of updates that dramatically increase the power and flexibility of the Meridian Sooloos media-management system.

A Meridian Sooloos system creates a centralized, shared source of music for everyone in the home with an architecture that takes away the worry and hassle of backup, organization and access for the entire family. The latest generation, called Sooloos 2.0, brings a host of improvements and additions to the industry-defining Meridian Sooloos music system from simple interface enhancements to major changes in system capabilities, zone playback and hardware options.

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"We have completely reinvented the system architecture of Sooloos so that it can address massive numbers of files," said Bob Stuart, Meridian's Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer. "It's quite brilliant actually, the new design allows the interface to literally handle hundreds of thousands of files with the same speed and flexibility as just one hundred - a critical point when considering online and other media types." He continues, "The second generation of Meridian Sooloos is a fantastic collaboration, allowing the ability to communicate with Meridian legacy products and so protecting the investment of our current customers, while offering an attractive system and exposing Meridian to a broader audience."

New System Architecture Requires Fewer Components
A Control 10 can now be combined with a Twinstore alone to create a system with the complete Sooloos experience. This two-piece system provides amazing interface, automatic backup, massive storage, incredible reliability, and superb sound quality.

Setup is incredibly simple, and for the ultimate in simplicity, elegance and performance, attach the SpeakerLink connection of the Control 10 directly to Meridian DSP Loudspeakers creating a complete digital audio system.

New Local and Remote Streaming Playback on any Computer
Meridian Sooloos now offers local streaming. Any Mac, PC, or Linux web browser can access and control the system. At the same time, the speakers of any computer controlling the system can be used to play music from it. In the office, in the den, in the kids' rooms, on a laptop around the house wirelessly - the speakers of any computer on the network can act as a zone to play the music stored in one's system.

The system also features remote streaming. Simply access the home Meridian Sooloos system through a web browser, from anywhere with a high-speed connection, and stream your music to your computer. At the office, in a hotel, at a friend's home, or on vacation, your music is always available through the web.

Read more about the new Sooloos on Page 2.

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