Published On: June 9, 2010

Meridian Sooloos iPad App Now Available

Published On: June 9, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Meridian Sooloos iPad App Now Available

To make your experience with the Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System even better than it already it, Meridian now has an iPad app that enables you, without charge, to download anything you might want or need from the online Apple App Store.

Meridian Sooloos iPad App Now Available

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Meridian has announced the new Meridian Sooloos iPad App, which is now available to download from the Apple App Store free of charge.

The Meridian Sooloos iPad App enables full control of a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System, providing an enhanced user interface and new features when using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a wireless controller.

The App also allows the user to take full advantage of Meridian's Sooloos Digital Media System to store, manage, browse and play audio in multiple zones around the home.

The Meridian Sooloos iPad App finds the Wi-Fi network, locates the Sooloos Digital Media System, and connects to it automatically with no configuration necessary. Once connected, the user can browse their music and control all aspects of playback in all system zones.

Meridian Sooloos iPad App - Key Features Include:

- iPad support
- Wi-Fi auto-discovery
- Transport control
- Volume and mute controls
- View full-screen cover art for current track
- Control multiple zone playback
- Browse by artist, genre, release date, import date, tags
- Shuffle, Loop and Seek
- Swim chosen music for you
- Quick Search using on-screen keyboard
- Create, Load, Edit and Save playlists
- Browse Focuses created on your Sooloos Digital Media System

Read more about the Meridian Sooloos iPad App here:

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