Published On: October 9, 2010

Meridian Treats Its Partners To An Evening Under The Sea

Published On: October 9, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Meridian Treats Its Partners To An Evening Under The Sea

One of the perks to attending any trade show are the events and I'm not talking about the press conferences or training seminars for those suck on levels that are difficult to comprehend let alone describe. I'm talking about the events such as Meridian's cocktail party at the Atlanta, Georgia aquarium, which Home Theater Review attended.

Meridian Treats Its Partners To An Evening Under The Sea

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Meridian Audio welcomed its partners to Atlanta with an evening at the Georgia Aquarium - the world's largest aquarium. Dealers and press alike were treated to a voyage "Under the Sea" while enjoying Meridian's audio offerings, including current products and previews of new products planned for later this year.

"We thought it would be a special opportunity for our partners to experience the best that the city has to offer and the Aquarium is an amazing venue," said Peter Wellikoff, CEO of Meridian America Inc. "Our goal was to kick the week off with a fun evening where, party attendees will be showcased key components from Meridian's current catalog as well as an exciting preview of some new products that are still in development, while enjoying great food and wine."

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Center stage was a completely new compact DSP system including the first public viewing of DSP3200 - a flexible mounting, compact digital active loudspeaker - and Audio Core 200 - a stereo audio controller that acts as a hub for an array of audio sources, unifying and connecting them via SpeakerLink to any of Meridian's DSP Loudspeakers. The system will be officially launched in January 2011, but this preview gave selected press and Meridian Partners a unique opportunity to see first-hand Meridian's next generation of compact DSP stereo systems.

Also on display was the recently introduced Meridian M80 Compact Entertainment System, the new Media Source 600, and the Meridian Sooloos Control 15- an all-in-one Digital Media System incorporating playback, storage and control functions.

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