Microsoft's Xbox 360 To Offer 1080p Movie Downloads This Fall

Published On: June 2, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Microsoft's Xbox 360 To Offer 1080p Movie Downloads This Fall

Without question the most successful new product for Microsoft in 10 years has been Xbox 360 which competes favorably with Sony's Playstation 3. Now it downloads movies right onto the game console in 1080p resolution.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 To Offer 1080p Movie Downloads This Fall

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"Hello I am a Mac." "And I am a PC."

Today the PC smacked back with an announcement that Microsoft's highly popular Xbox 360 video game platform that is also now an effective movie download system - will this fall be able to download 1080p video.

1080p movies are larger in file size and more bandwidth hungry that the current standard for HD downloads set by Apple's highly successful iTunes and Apple TV products which are currently 720p. Non-enthusiasts say 720p is enough resolution for most consumers using smaller HDTV sets. True fans of film and high definition video note the vastly better looking 1080p video resolution as a major step forward.

Microsoft will need to update its library of movies to 1080p which is no small feat as they alluded to today in their press release. 1080p video matches the quality of video found on Blu-ray without the need for the physical disc.

Little was said about the audio options of the disc as the HD audio tracks on Blu-ray are also very bandwidth intensive. Time will tell if Xbox 360 will also offer Dolby TrueHD and or DTS Master Audio as part of their 1080p download service. Audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts will want this feature for their HDMI enabled theater. If Microsoft can deliver the audio and video goods - consider this a bitch slap back at Blu-ray who beat out Microsoft and Toshiba's HD DVD high definition disc format in early 2007.

Also don't be surprised to see Apple to match the resolution of the Xbox 360's downloads via its Apple TV and or iTunes store in weeks or months to come as Apple is still the market leader in audio and movie downloads.

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