Published On: May 8, 2024

MidWest AV Experience 2024: A Celebration of Audio-Visual Enthusiasm

Published On: May 8, 2024
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MidWest AV Experience 2024: A Celebration of Audio-Visual Enthusiasm

Calling all audio-visual enthusiasts! Midwest AV Experience (MWAVE) is back, promising three days of pure sonic bliss at the Kansas City Convention Center in June 2024.

MidWest AV Experience 2024: A Celebration of Audio-Visual Enthusiasm

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Kansas City Convention Center will once again play host to the highly anticipated MidWest AV Experience (MWAVE) from June 21st to 23rd, 2024. MWAVE, now in its third annual installment, promises an immersive and enriching journey into the world of home theater and audio-visual delights.

MWAVE isn't just another trade show focused solely on vendors displaying their products. Instead, it's a gathering that celebrates the passion for home theater and music among enthusiasts. Blind comparisons of amplifiers, speakers, AVRs, and more will be a highlight, allowing attendees to delve into the nuances of audio quality without preconceived biases.

One of the distinctive highlights of MWAVE is the opportunity to interact directly with the minds behind the brands. Attendees can meet owners and even engineers from their favorite audio-visual companies, fostering a deeper connection between fans and industry professionals.

The event boasts full Dolby Atmos Experiences in select rooms, courtesy of renowned brands like JTR, SVS, Grimani Systems, Ascendo, and RBH. For those seeking to expand their knowledge, MWAVE offers free home theater seminars included with the 3-Day General Admission ticket. These sessions provide valuable insights into various aspects of home theater setup, optimization, and technology.

MWAVE showcasing.

In addition to seminars, MWAVE attendees can indulge in the ultimate home theater experience by opting for VIP Home Theater Experiences. These exclusive demos allow enthusiasts to witness the capabilities of local home theaters firsthand, elevating their appreciation for high-quality audio-visual setups.

HomeTheaterReview will attend MWAVE and cover the event extensively. We will provide room reports and conduct interviews with participating brands, offering our readers an in-depth look into the latest innovations and trends in the audio-visual landscape.

With an impressive lineup of returning brands such as JVC, Stereo Integrity, Seymour AV, SVS, MartinLogan, and many more, alongside exciting newcomers like RBH, Cinemike, Ascendo, and Christie, MWAVE 2024 promises to be a gathering like no other and even better this year.

The MWAVE 2024 General Admission (3-Day Pass) ticket is priced at $75, while the VIP Home Theater Experiences tickets are available for $200. For more information about the event and tickets visit the MWAVE website.

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