Published On: April 8, 2024

Mission 750 Speakers Combine Classic Heritage With Modern Innovation

Published On: April 8, 2024
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Mission 750 Speakers Combine Classic Heritage With Modern Innovation

The new Mission 750 speakers, blend classic British design elements with advanced engineering techniques, including polypropylene woofers, damped tweeters, and precision-tuned cabinets.

Mission 750 Speakers Combine Classic Heritage With Modern Innovation

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Iconic British audio brand Mission has recently unveiled its latest creation, the Mission 750 speakers, marking another milestone in the company's rich history of delivering high-quality sound experiences. Drawing inspiration from its legendary predecessors while integrating modern design elements and technology, the Mission 750 speakers offer a compelling combination of nostalgia and innovation.

With a legacy dating back to 1978 when Mission first introduced its renowned 770 loudspeakers, the brand has long been synonymous with excellence in audio engineering. The subsequent release of the compact Mission 700 further solidified Mission's position as a dominant force in the British hi-fi industry, pioneering the popularization of smaller bookshelf speakers in the 1980s and '90s.

Unlike its predecessors, the Mission 750 represents an entirely new design endeavor for the company, although it carries forward the classic influences and signature features that define the Mission brand. Measuring 355 x 216 x 270mm, these bookshelf speakers embody a retro-inspired industrial design, featuring white baffles and the distinctive Mission logo, reminiscent of the brand's early models.

A standout feature of the Mission 750 is its innovative inverted driver arrangement, a design concept pioneered by Mission and known as Inverted Driver Geometry (IDG). This configuration places the treble unit below the mid/bass driver, enhancing stereo imaging and ensuring a coherent and transparent sound. 

Mission 750 speakers with and without grille.

Mission asserts that detailed engineering calculations inform every aspect of the speaker's design, from the cabinet construction to the crossover network, which should result in optimal acoustic performance.

Crafted from polypropylene infused with minerals, the mid/bass cone of the Mission 750 delivers fast, tight bass reproduction, while the tweeter unit incorporates a lightweight, damped microfiber dome for smooth and detailed high-frequency performance. The rear-firing reflex port is tuned to a low frequency to avoid the common issue of 'one note bass' found in some bass-reflex systems.

The Mission 750 speakers are housed in a real-wood veneered cabinet constructed from a twin-wall sandwich of high-density MDF and particle board, bonded by a layer of high-damping adhesive. This construction aims to reduce panel resonance and noise interference, ensuring that the drive units operate without being colored by cabinet frequencies. Internal bracing strengthens the front baffle, improving the dynamic performance of the mid/bass driver.

Mission 750 speakers in walnut finish.

Peter Comeau, Mission’s Director of Acoustic Design, said on the new speaker: "The techniques and technologies harnessed to create the 750 are cutting-edge, but as always with Mission this technology is used purely to capture the emotional power of music – in line with the company’s motto: ‘music leads, technology follows’.”

“The 750 fits into Mission’s current range as a compact speaker for those who admire the much-acclaimed 770’s retro design and captivating sound but are unable to accommodate it physically and financially.”

Technical Specifications:

  • Speaker type: Two-way standmount.
  • Enclosure type: Bass reflex (rear ported).
  • Treble driver: 28mm microfiber dome.
  • Mid/bass driver: 135mm mineral-loaded polypropylene cone.
  • Sensitivity (2.8V @ 1m): 86dB.
  • Nominal impedance” 6Ω (8Ω compatible).
  • Recommended amp power: 25-100W.
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB): 48Hz – 20kHz.
  • Bass extension (-6dB): 42Hz.
  • Crossover frequency: 2.4kHz.
  • Cabinet volume: 12.2 liters.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 355 x 216 x 270mm.
  • Weight (each speaker): 9kg.

Available in a choice of walnut or black wood veneer finishes, the Mission 750 speakers are set to hit the market in mid-April with a recommended retail price of £899 / $1199 per pair. Additionally, the Mission 770 is currently available at a discounted rate through Crutchfield, and a variety of other company products can be explored on Amazon.

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