Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D DLP Projector Reviewed

Published On: February 6, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D DLP Projector Reviewed

Mistubishi has learned a lot from the previous models of 3D projectors. The improvements from these lessons have been put into the Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D DLP projector and the consumer can reap the benefits.

Mitsubishi HC7800D 3D DLP Projector Reviewed

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Mitsubishi-HC7800D-3D-Projector-review.jpgIn late 2011, Mitsubishi introduced its second 3D-capable projector, the HC7800D--a follow-up to the company's higher-end HC9000D SXRD projector. We have not performed a hands-on review of the HC7800D, but here is an overview of its features. The HC7800D is a 1080p DLP projector that uses Texas Instruments' latest 0.65-inch DMD chip and a 4x-speed, six-segment color wheel; it features an auto iris, two anamorphic picture modes, and a 120Hz refresh rate with de-judder technology. It has a rated dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and a rated brightness of 1,500 ANSI lumens, and it supports a screen size of 50 to 300 inches. The HC7800D offers manual 1.5x zoom and focus controls, plus keystone correction and adjustable feet; a vertical lens-shift dial is available (35 percent), but the projector does not offer horizontal lens shifting. The HC7800D measures 15.6 x 12.9 x 5.6 inches, weighs 12.3 pounds, and uses a 240-watt lamp, with a listed lamp life of 5,000 hours in Low mode and 2,000 hours in Standard mode.

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The HC7800D uses active 3D technology, which means it alternately flashes a full-resolution left-eye and right-eye image. Active 3D requires the use of special active-shutter 3D glasses that sync with the projector's signal to direct the appropriate image to each eye. You also need to connect a separate 3D sync emitter that allows the projector and glasses to communicate; Mitsubishi has kindly included the emitter in the package, but the EY-3DGS-78U 3D glasses are sold separately (for about $199 each).

The connection panel includes two HDMI inputs, plus a single component video and VGA input. You also get RS-232 for integration into an advanced control system, dual 12-volt triggers, a LAN port for network control, and the 3D sync port to attach the EY-3D-EMT1 emitter. The setup menu has an extensive offering of picture adjustments, including: eight picture modes (with ISF Day and Night modes); five color temperature presets, plus RGB contrast and brightness controls; six gamma presets and two advanced user modes; a full color management system; dual lamp modes; noise reduction; four iris options (off, plus three auto modes); and frame-rate conversion with settings for off, true video (produces that smoother, video-like effect), and true film (a more subtle use of frame interpolation). The HC7800D offers eight aspect-ratio options, including two anamorphic picture modes that allow you to view 2.35:1 images with no black bars (when the projector is mated with an add-on lens). Overscan adjustment is available.

In terms of 3D setup, you can select a 3D input format (auto, frame packing, side by side, top and bottom), adjust the 3D depth (in 10 steps), and swap the left and right images if necessary. This projector also supports 2D-to-3D conversion.

Read about the high points and low points of the HC7800D on Page 2.
Mitsubishi-HC7800D-3D-Projector-review-angled.jpgHigh Points
• The HC7800D is a 3D-capable 1080p DLP projector. It uses active 3D technology and has 2D-to-3D conversion.
• The projector has an auto iris to improve black level and contrast ratio.
• 120Hz technology is available for blur and judder reduction.
• It has dual HDMI inputs, as well as two 12-volt triggers, an RS-232 port, and a LAN port for network control.
• The projector offers a thorough assortment of picture adjustments, including ISF Day and Night modes.
• Two anamorphic picture modes are available.
• The 3D sync emitter is included in the package.

Low Points

The HC7800D has limited vertical lens shifting and no horizontal lens
shifting, and the zoom/focus controls are manual, not motorized.
• The package does not include 3D glasses, and Mitsubishi's glasses are more expensive than average.
• Mitsubishi uses IR instead of RF for its sync emitter.

Competition and Comparison
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competition by reading the reviews for the JVC DLA-X3, Optoma
Optoma HD33, and
Panasonic PT-AE7000U
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In some respects, the HC7800D is a more intriguing 3D
option than Mitsubishi's previous HC9000D. It's less expensive, it has a
higher brightness rating (which is important for 3D), and it includes
the 3D emitter in the package. This projector can't quite compete with
similarly priced LCD models in the spec department, but it should give
DLP fans a reason to be excited, as it strikes an excellent balance
between price and features in the DLP realm.

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