Published On: July 17, 2023

Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofer Series: A Powerful Reinforcement to the Audio Landscape

Published On: July 17, 2023
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Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofer Series: A Powerful Reinforcement to the Audio Landscape

The New Series Offers Powerful Performance and Advanced Features for Audiophiles and Home Cinema Enthusiasts

Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofer Series: A Powerful Reinforcement to the Audio Landscape

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Monitor Audio has unveiled its latest offering, the Anthra Subwoofer Series, which promises to deliver deep bass with exceptional musicality and control. Comprising three models, the Anthra Series features the W15, W12, and W10 subwoofers, each designed to cater to specific system requirements and performance preferences. 

One of the standout features of the Anthra Subwoofer Series is the implementation of strong, lightweight, and rigid C-CAM cones. These cones offer a higher resistance to bending stress, resulting in improved fidelity across the entire operating range and a more precise and lifelike sound presentation. In a first for Monitor Audio, the series also incorporates Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) on its subwoofer cones. This innovative technology significantly enhances cone rigidity, preventing distortion by resisting mechanical bending forces that can distort conventional driver cones.

Powering the RST II C-CAM high-excursion drivers are formidable amplifiers that ensure optimal performance levels regardless of volume. The Anthra Subwoofer Series features Class-D amplifiers delivering 425, 900, and 1,400 Watts RMS continuously, with peak demand reaching impressive levels of 500, 1700, and 2,500 Watts respectively.

To complement their exceptional performance, the Anthra subwoofers are housed in robust MDF cabinets. These cabinets feature up to 36mm thick external walls and 19mm thick internal walls, along with acoustically optimized bracing for added strength.

The Anthra Subwoofer Series offers a range of connectivity options on the rear panel. These include RCA with LFE for daisy chaining up to four subwoofers, as well as XLR inputs for professional installation options. A full-color display and rotatory dial on the rear panel allow users to access the setup selection menu, simplifying the setup procedure and integration of the subwoofers into a home cinema system.

Monitor Audio's proprietary MaestroUnite setup app further enhances the user experience by enabling advanced configuration of the Anthra subwoofers according to personal tastes and system requirements. For systems utilizing multiple subwoofers, the app allows the same settings to be delivered across all units simultaneously.

All three standalone models can be used individually or in combination. The flagship model, the Anthra W15, features a 15-inch RST II C-CAM high-excursion driver powered by a Class-D 1,400 Watt amplifier. The Anthra W12 boasts a 12-inch driver and a Class-D 900 Watt amplifier, while the compact Anthra W10 utilizes a 10-inch cone driven by a 425 Watt amplifier.

The Anthra Subwoofers will be available in August 2023, offering the customers a choice between Satin White and High Gloss Black finishes. The Anthra W10 is priced at £1,650 / €2,150 / $2,350, the Anthra W12 at £1,900 / €2,450 / $2,700, and the flagship Anthra W15 at £2,500 / €3,200 / $3,500.

As audio aficionados eagerly await the release, the Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofer Series promises to elevate the listening experience to new heights, bringing deep bass and unparalleled musicality to home entertainment systems around the globe.

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