Monitor Audio Silver RS6 Loudspeaker Reviewed

Published On: December 24, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Monitor Audio Silver RS6 Loudspeaker Reviewed

Monitor Audio is a British speaker maker who offers a lot of speaker for the money and the RS6 is no exception to that paradigm. Offering full range sound that belies their price point these are fan favorites.

Monitor Audio Silver RS6 Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Monitor Audio's Silver RS6 speakers fall right in the
middle of the Monitor Audio product line, priced at $1,000 per pair. These
speakers are built for people who want to dabble in high-end sound, but might
not have several thousand dollars to spend on speakers. The RS6 floor-stander
can be used in a two-channel stereo set-up, or as part of a multi-channel
system when mated with a matching RS Silver center and rears. 

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 The Silver RS6 is an unobtrusive speaker that is available in black, walnut, rosenut or cherry, all with real wood veneers. Monitor goes to great lengths to ensure accuracy with regard to the grain and color of the veneers, which is atypical at this price point. The speakers come with metal bases and floor spikes, which allow you the flexibility of adjusting the height of the speaker. Monitor Audio, an English company, is known for their commitment to quality engineering. Monitor builds their own cabinets and crossovers and the effect on the sound is pretty impressive, especially when considering the price.


High Points

  • The Silver RS6 speakers are true standout performers. You can expect engaging, extended highs and a clearly defined midrange.
  • The Silver RS6 speakers serve up ample bass, so be sure to audition them before spending money on a subwoofer, as you might find it redundant in an audiophile application. For 5.1 and 7.1 systems, you will want a sub no matter what.
  • The RS6s are highly musical and engaging. If your taste in music tends to be eclectic, these are the speakers for you. Jazz, hard rock, classical - no problem.
  • Monitor offers multiple high-grade wood veneer finish options, allowing greater flexibility to match your home décor.


Low Points

  • In terms of performance, there's simply nothing negative to say about these speakers. As a matter of fact, the only negative is that speakers this good and this affordable need to be easier to find. After contacting Monitor's local representative, I was only able to find one local dealer (in Southern California) who had the speakers in stock.


Monitor Audio has been around since 1972 and anyone in the know will tell you it's difficult to go wrong with any speaker in their line. If neutrality, extended highs and tight, lightning-quick bass light your fire, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better speaker for $1,000. Whether you're into two-channel listening or building a multi-channel home theater rig, do yourself a favor, find a dealer (easier said than done) and audition a pair of Silver RS6 speakers. Just be sure to bring your checkbook.

  • Anonymous
    2023-05-10 11:34:44

    When new, the rs6 was a $1000 per pair. I picked up mine 3yrs ago for $700.

  • Anonymous
    2021-08-19 23:09:04

    Not 1000 per pair ….

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