Monitor Audio

Monitor_Audio_Logo_Black.jpgMonitor Audio was founded in 1972 and pioneered the use of metal cone drivers. They continue to produce some of the industry's most respected and consistent lines of loudspeakers. Today's C-CAM metal domes are instantly recognizable visually and audibly.

C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) is an innovative alloy material originally developed by the aerospace industry for its use as blades in jet engines. This material exhibits ideal qualities for use as loudspeaker cones. The C-CAM material is extremely rigid and light providing high overall efficiency. C-CAM is formed from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium, which is made into the cone shape by a two stage high pressure forming technique. The material undergoes stress-relieving processes throughout the manufacture to avoid surface deformation and molecular weakness. After forming the shape, the cone goes through a high temperature anodic coating process. A layer of pure ceramic (alumina) is depleted onto the surfaces, to give a completely rigid exterior. Conventional cone materials operate in the band with which they start to flex, this can be termed as the break-up or bending. This results in a large amount of audible distortion. The C-CAM cones are designed with the specific intention of having resistance to bending stress. The resulting properties of the C-CAM material are increased clarity and reduced distortion compared with conventional cone designs.


Notable Monitor Audio products include:

Monitor Audio Platinum Series
Monitor Audio Gold Series
Monitor Audio Silver Series
Monitor Audio Bronze Series's Monitor Audio product reviews include:

Monitor Audio Silver 100 Speaker System
Monitor Audio PL200 II Floorstanding Speaker
Monitor Audio Silver RS6 Loudspeaker
Monitor Audio Bronze Series Loudspeakers
Monitor Audio Monitor One Loudspeakers
Monitor Audio Reference 1200 "Gold" Loudspeakers
Monitor Audio Studio 10 Loudspeakers

Similar to Monitor Audio are companies like Tannoy, KEF, Mission and B&W.


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