Monoprice Introduces New Speakers and Tube Amplifier

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Monoprice-tube-amp.jpgMonoprice recently introduced several new audio products, including a stereo hybrid tube amp system with Bluetooth ($199.99), a pair of powered Bluetooth desktop speakers ($229.99), and new Select Series bookshelf speakers--sold individually or as part of the new Select 5.1-channel HT system ($199.99). More details are provided below.

From Monoprice
Continuing its dedication to engineering best-in-class, low-cost audio products, Monoprice has announced the addition of its first retro Retro Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth, a new line of Select Series Bookshelf Speakers, a new collection of Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers, and an upgraded Select 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer system to its growing audio category. Staying true to its belief that excellent audio shouldn't break the bank, Monoprice built each product to offer sleek designs and amazing sound quality at surprisingly low price points rarely seen in high performance audio.

"While delivering superior sound quality is the goal of any home audio system, the reality is that budgets and aesthetics often force consumers to make compromises in sound performance. At Monoprice, you don't have to make sacrifices as our offerings deliver great sound, beautiful aesthetics and desirable technologies at incredibly low prices," said Bernard Luthi, president of Monoprice. "Our team of audio experts and sound engineers spend countless hours perfecting each speaker to ensure they meet our high standards of product excellence. As a trusted destination for consumer technology, we remain committed to developing audio solutions that offer the best sound at price points accessible for everyone."

Following a recent refresh of its headphone category, Monoprice's newest audio offerings consist of the $199.99 Retro Bluetooth Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp System; $59.99 and $99.99 Select Series Bookshelf Speakers; $229.99 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers with USB; and $199.99 Select 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer system.

Select Series Bookshelf Speakers ($59.99, $99.99):
These loudspeakers featuring a modern design produce a large soundstage with acoustic transparency and sonic clarity. Whether used as stereo speakers or part of a multi-channel 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system, the Select Series Bookshelf Speakers deliver a wide frequency response and sophisticated sound quality regardless of the source. Four- and 5-inch bass drivers deliver warm yet punchy bass, and 1-inch silk dome tweeters produce well-defined high frequencies, with even the lowest listening level vocals coming off pronounced and intelligible.

Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers with USB ($229.99):
These 200-watt, compact yet versatile Bluetooth desktop speakers produce powerful, high-performance sound without the need for a subwoofer. Listeners will enjoy crystal clear wireless streaming audio through PC, Mac, CD, DVD players and mobile devices thanks to a built-in 24-bit digital-to-audio convertor with a resolution up to 96 kHz. A 6.5-inch driver and 1-inch silk dome tweeter generates a smooth frequency response that sounds natural with all genres of music, with 200 watts of power. An active crossover ensures a smooth fade between highs and lows, and two dual RCA inputs allow for a versatile arrangement of audio sources. The system comes with an included wireless remote to select sources, adjust volume, bass and treble, and control playback from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Monoprice-Select-system.jpgSelect 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer ($199.99):
Those who appreciate the current Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer (10565) will fall in love all over again with Monoprice's upgraded Select 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer--a refreshed system boasting new features and functionality with incredible sound quality. Replacing the original 10565, the system includes five 3-inch, two-way satellite speakers and an 8-inch, 200-watt subwoofer to deliver deep and rich high-fidelity music for extensive listening. High frequencies are crisp while midrange and vocals are pronounced and defined. Input configurations include a stereo line, LFE mono and speaker level.

In the coming weeks, Monoprice will launch a new series of In-Wall Speakers, consisting of eight carbon fiber driver options, for audio enthusiasts and installers. 

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