Published On: July 23, 2010

Monster Partners with Yao Ming to Launch "Yao Monster" Electronics and Lifestyle Products in China

Published On: July 23, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Monster Partners with Yao Ming to Launch "Yao Monster" Electronics and Lifestyle Products in China

Bad news for anime fans and good news for Chinese electronics aficionados. Yao Monster is not a new creature in the horror pantheon, but rather the combined joint venture of Monster and Yao Ming to bring electronics and other products to the Chinese market.

Monster Partners with Yao Ming to Launch "Yao Monster" Electronics and Lifestyle Products in China

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Monster, a manufacturer and designer of headphones and A/V accessories, has announced that it is partnering with Houston Rockets star center and China icon Yao Ming to develop a broad range of co-branded "Yao Monster" consumer electronics and lifestyle products for distribution in China. The alliance brings together the expertise of Monster in the development of advanced A/V technologies and its acumen in the marketing of branded lifestyle experiences with the personal style, vision and qualities of Yao Ming. Yao Monster products, ranging from high performance headphones, lifestyle bags and performance glasses line, to home theater connectivity and power products, will offer consumers in China a "fusion of technology and life" - and a way to identify with their national hero as they enjoy experiences and avenues of self-expression once available only to a privileged few.

Yao Monster Launch Accelerates Monster's Entry into the Domestic Market in China

Yao Monster products will symbolize the very best attributes of Yao Ming as well as those of Monster Cable, the company founded by Noel Lee over 30 years ago. Mr. Lee, who worked closely with Yao Ming to create the Yao Monster product line, commented on the brand's launch in China, noting: "While there is tremendous opportunity in the China marketplace, there are many barriers to expansive distribution that make it a challenge for companies seeking to penetrate the market. So, in developing the Yao Monster line, we went to great lengths to create products with strong appeal to China's lifestyles and trends. We started our own company there using Chinese staff to be culturally connected to the market."

The Head Monster says about the Market: "As more of China's consumers discover high performance consumer electronics products, there is an opportunity for all of Monster's high performance accessories. Moreover, China consumers are well known for their intense customer loyalty, so Yao Monster brings a new brand to China based around China's most beloved national hero."

Aspirational Lifestyle Brand Aims to Inspire Greatness among China's Youth

The Yao Monster brand is designed to capture the essence of the achievements from humble origins by Chinese success stories Yao Ming and Noel Lee, and Yao Ming's dedication, drive and determination to attain basketball greatness followed by his ascent into global celebrity and philanthropy come at a time when it is still rare for Chinese figures to emerge so prominently on the world stage.

Likewise, Noel Lee's founding of Monster Cable and his leadership of the company into expanded product categories and markets worldwide demonstrates how Chinese Americans can break through the "glass ceiling" in Western business.

And by delivering viewing and listening experiences as well as accessories for the active lifestyle, the Yao Monster brand will empower young people to enjoy ways of expressing their sense of modern Chinese identity as well as their traditions of giving back to the community. To this end, a portion of the proceeds from all sales of Yao Monster products will go to support The Yao Ming Foundation, which builds schools for disadvantaged children throughout China.

Yao Ming noted: "Whether it's a headphone, a bag or a music player, today's products are not just about usage. A person's choice also represents their style and the kind of life they want to live. Yao Monster products will be different from any existing consumer electronics products and will be designed to impact they way we relax, how we exercise, and how we inspire ourselves. They will bring people more real enjoyment in life, and let them feel the incredible excitement of a fusion of technology and life."

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