Published On: December 10, 2020

MOON Audio Streaming Devices Now Have Apple AirPlay 2

Published On: December 10, 2020
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MOON Audio Streaming Devices Now Have Apple AirPlay 2

The feature is available on many of MOON’s audio streaming products, including the ACE all-in-one music system and 280D streaming DAC — customers who already own an eligible product can contact a local retailer to have Apple AirPlay 2 installed

MOON Audio Streaming Devices Now Have Apple AirPlay 2

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Good news for AirPlay enthusiasts: MOON’s streaming products are now equipped with Apple AirPlay 2, enabling consumers to stream audio from their Apple device directly to select MOON products, including the ACE all-in-one music system, MiND 2 network player, and 280D streaming DAC. Additionally, the update includes Siri voice control capabilities. Those who already own an AirPlay 2 compatible device should check with their local MOON retailer to have the new update installed.

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Keep reading for more info from MOON:

MOON is delighted to announce that its performance audio streaming products* are even more connected as they now feature Apple AirPlay 2. The new integrated streaming module effortlessly allows Apple users to play music from any iOS device and change music with Siri voice control. AirPlay 2 also adds multi-room playback to MOON’s premium selection of connectivity options.

The MiND2 streaming module and intuitive MiND app have ensured that MOON has long been the master of music control. The addition of AirPlay 2 further increases the range of connectivity options and will delight Apple lovers as the built-in controls on their device allow them to easily access their music. MOON owners can use Siri voice control to play their selected tracks.

AirPlay 2 offers complete control and lets the listener enjoy their favourite music or podcast throughout the home and in perfect sync. Different songs can be played in different rooms – music can be streamed in one room and a podcast can be played in another. With AirPlay 2 friends can add their own music to the mix. And all listeners can use Siri and say the song, say the room and then enjoy the performance.

Existing MOON owners who want to add AirPlay 2 can contact their local retailer to arrange to have the new module installed.

Etienne Gautier, MOON’s export sales manager, said: ‘We are pleased to partner with Apple and to have AirPlay 2 integrated in our streaming products. Our premium connectivity solutions have always been at the heart of what we do and now AirPlay 2 gives our customers a truly complete range of options.’

*MOON products featuring Apple AirPlay 2

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