Published On: July 24, 2023

More Affordable OLED TVs on the Horizon: Samsung and LG Display Strengthen Partnership

Published On: July 24, 2023
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More Affordable OLED TVs on the Horizon: Samsung and LG Display Strengthen Partnership

The strengthening alliance between Samsung and LG Display could result in more affordable and larger OLED TVs, potentially leading to increased competition in the market.

More Affordable OLED TVs on the Horizon: Samsung and LG Display Strengthen Partnership

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Samsung Electronics and LG Display are set to further enhance their partnership, potentially reshaping the OLED TV landscape. Following the initial deal signed earlier this year, where LG Display agreed to supply two million 77-inch and 83-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels to Samsung Electronics, recent reports suggest that another 77-inch OLED model could be on the horizon.

According to industry insiders speaking with Business Korea, Samsung recently filed regulatory paperwork for a new 77-inch OLED TV, utilizing an LG OLED panel, signaling an expansion of the existing alliance. This development comes just a month after Samsung registered an 83-inch OLED TV, also featuring LG Display's panels. Notably, this new 77-inch model differs from the one registered in March.

Expanding Alliance and Potential Impact on OLED and LCD Displays

While Samsung's partnership with LG Display currently revolves around OLED panels, it is expected to extend to include LCD displays as well. The move comes as Samsung faces a patent infringement lawsuit from BOE, China's largest display manufacturer, which supplies panels to Samsung. To mitigate the impact of the lawsuit, Samsung aims to replace BOE with LG Display and SDP, an affiliate of Sharp.

The report by Business Korea indicates that LG Display's share of Samsung's LCD panel volume could increase from 7 percent to 17 percent, potentially generating around 1 trillion won in revenue. This shift in supply sources may pave the way for more cost-effective and diverse LCD displays in Samsung's TV lineup.

Potential Benefits for Consumers

The expanded partnership between Samsung and LG Display could have positive implications for consumers. With Samsung turning to LG Display to fill panel shortages, it may lead to more affordable OLED TVs from Samsung. As LG's WRGB OLEDs are known to be comparatively cheaper than Samsung's QD-OLED panels (which employ quantum dots for enhanced performance), the increased collaboration may bring more competitive pricing to the OLED TV market.

This scenario is likely to benefit buyers, as it can drive OLED TV prices down due to intensified competition between rival manufacturers. Moreover, with LG Display potentially becoming a more significant supplier to Samsung, consumers can expect greater choice and access to a wider range of OLED TVs, particularly in the mid-to-entry-level price segments.

Timeline for Availability

While the current supply of LG panels to Samsung remains relatively limited, the filing of regulatory approvals for multiple TVs in Korea indicates that these models could reach markets in the US and Europe later this year or early next year. This also opens the possibility of more Samsung LCD TVs incorporating LG panels, though the arrival of such models might take some additional time.


The expanding partnership between Samsung Electronics and LG Display has the potential to revolutionize the OLED TV market, offering consumers access to larger and more affordable OLED models. With the alliance expected to encompass LCD displays as well, this collaboration could introduce greater competition and innovation in the TV industry, ultimately benefiting buyers with a wider range of options and potentially lower prices for high-quality OLED televisions.

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