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Musical_Fidelity_Preamp_review.gifMusical Fidelity's humungous kilowatt kW amplifier to see how Apogee's Scintillas would fare with a modern powerhouse, I thought no more of it once it was returned. Astounding amp, sobering price, obscene use of floor real estate: it joined a list of milestones in my life, like meeting Philippe Dufour. So I filed it in the back of my mind along with other wondrous impracticals that I would never own, like, say, Lamborghini's Murcielago.

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But dream-makers aren't fools. Just as Lamborghini introduced the Gallardo as a sane alternative to the aforementioned supercar, so did Musical Fidelity release the half-power kW500. And now new kW750 Dual Mono Power Amplifier not only narrows the gap, it more than makes up for the fact that the original kW sold out in record time. According to Antony Michaelson, the kW750 is a limited edition, so panic buying isn't part of the experience. Phew, I hear you sigh.

Why the relief? Because, as brilliant as the kW500 may be, there are those who crave more. So why not buy a kW in the first place? For most, I would imagine that, rarity and cost aside, its multitude of huge chassis made it a complete no-no, full stop. The kW750, on the other hand, is almost conventional, with only its extreme depth and weight reminding you that it's nowhere near as conventional as it may first appear.

You see, the power amp itself measures a considerable 19x6.6x15.75in (WHD), and it's bordered by those vicious, ankle-slashing heat-sinks that MF insists on using although there are dozens of be-finned amps on the market with the corners rounded. When you realise that this bastard weighs 75lb, it's bulky and the handles are a mere styling conceit, you'll see why I'm making a big deal out of this. If you can't place out of your path, be prepared for drawn blood. Yes, they're sharp.

Because it can be sited elsewhere, you don't have to worry too much about the kW750's outboard power supply, which needs only a space of 14.4x6.6x11in (WHD), but you might want to place it next to the main unit for appearance's sake. Then there's the matching kW Hybrid Line Preamplifier filling a space of 19x6.6x17.7in (WHD), including feet, knob and terminals. Not unmanageable, like the originals, but still deserving of deliberation before you let the seduction take hold. And seduce you, they will.

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