Published On: September 21, 2023

Musical Fidelity M8xTT Turntable: A Modern Icon Returns to the Stage

Published On: September 21, 2023
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Musical Fidelity M8xTT Turntable: A Modern Icon Returns to the Stage

With the M8xTT turntable, Musical Fidelity returns to its roots, delivering a modern-day masterpiece that embodies the essence of audiophile excellence.

Musical Fidelity M8xTT Turntable: A Modern Icon Returns to the Stage

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Musical Fidelity, a name synonymous with high-end audio equipment, is set to make waves in the turntable market with the imminent launch of its flagship product, the M8xTT Turntable. This premium turntable promises to captivate vinyl audiophiles with its fusion of aesthetic appeal and impeccable technical performance. Drawing inspiration from the past while embracing cutting-edge technology, the M8xTT is poised to make its mark in the world of high-end audio.

The roots of the M8xTT can be traced back two decades to the original M1 player, a visionary project initiated by then-owner Antony Michaelson in collaboration with Heinz Lichtenegger. The objective was clear: create a high-end turntable that seamlessly complemented the visual, technical, and auditory characteristics of Musical Fidelity's amplifiers. The M8xTT represents a modern reimagining of this concept, promising an audio experience that can impress even the most discerning vinyl enthusiasts.

At first glance, the M8xTT stands out with its distinctive and stylish design. The dual-layer plinth, crafted from non-resonant acrylic and separated by Teflon spacers, plays a pivotal role in the turntable's performance. This innovative design isolates the drive motor, situated on the lower layer, from the main bearing spindle and tonearm mount on the upper layer. The result is an effective elimination of internal and external resonances, ensuring pristine sound quality.

The platter of the M8xTT also features a dual-layer construction, enhanced by aluminum inserts. This design improvement enhances the flywheel effect as the platter starts to rotate, contributing to the exceptional rotational stability of the turntable. The silicon drive belt connecting the platter to the drive motor ensures smooth and precise operation, with automatic speed changing capabilities for both 33 and 45rpm options.

Musical Fidelity M8xTT Turntable angle view.

One of the standout features of the M8xTT is its bespoke 10-inch tonearm, purpose-built for this flagship turntable. Crafted with an emphasis on ultra-low resonance, the tonearm boasts a conical aluminum tonearm tube and a transparent acrylic bearing ring. This fully adjustable tonearm allows for precise azimuth and VTA settings and is equipped with two TPE-damped counterweights, accommodating cartridges with a weight range of 6 to 20 grams.

The M8xTT offers a host of additional features, including height-adjustable feet for fine-tuning, RCA, and balanced XLR connections for versatile system integration, and comes complete with a leather mat and aluminum puck as part of the package.

Musical Fidelity has announced that the M8xTT turntable is set to begin shipping in October 2023, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of £8,249 ($10,129). For those who prefer to explore customization options, the turntable can also be ordered without a pre-mounted tonearm, providing flexibility to tailor the audio setup to individual preferences.

Music enthusiasts in the United Kingdom will have a unique opportunity to experience the M8xTT firsthand at the UK HiFi Show Live event, taking place at Ascot from September 29th to October 1st. It's a chance to witness and possibly even listen to the M8xTT before it officially hits the shelves.

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