Published On: May 6, 2013

Myron Ho's Associated Equipment

Published On: May 6, 2013

Myron Ho's Associated Equipment

Learn more about Myron Ho and the equipment he uses in his system to conduct reviews.

Myron-Ho-headshot.jpgMyron Ho is a seasoned marketing and brand strategy professional, now working in the Southern California area as a marketing consultant to various large corporate clients. He holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Emory University in Atlanta, GA. As a youth growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Myron studied classical piano, participating in statewide competitions for the youth. A passion for music and movies have naturally dovetailed into the same passion for the equipment and tools that bring about excellent reproduction of such. Aside from home theater related pursuits, Myron enjoys travelling and exploring new restaurants with his wife, Angel.

Current Equipment:

Oppo BDP-105 Universal Disc Player


BenQ W7000 Projector
Elite Screens 125" Spectrum Electric 16:9 Projection Screen
Mitsubishi HC4900U Projector
Panoview Graywolf 92" Projection Screen

Salk Signature Soundscape 12 Floorstanding Speakers
Martin Logan Aeon i Floorstanding Electrostatic Speakers
Martin Logan Theater i Center Channel Speaker
Martin Logan Mosaic Floor Standing Speakers

Front End/Amplification
Parasound Halo JC2-BP Preamplifier
Crown XLS 2500 Amplifiers (run in bridged mono mode)
Anthem AV Statement D2 Preamplifier
Anthem P5 5 Channel Amplifier

Monster Cable interconnects, speaker wire, and HDMI cables
Monster Cable HTS MK2 5100 Power Center
Blue Jeans Cables interconnects, speaker wire, and HDMI cables
Sanus Steel Foundation Series Component Rack/Stand

Learn more about Myron Ho on his Google Plus profile page.

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