Published On: September 6, 2017

NAD Debuts T 758 V3 Receiver

Published On: September 6, 2017
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NAD Debuts T 758 V3 Receiver

NAD has introduced an updated version of its T 758 AV receiver. The new T 758 V3 comes with support for Dolby Atmos, UHD/HDR video, BluOS hi-res multiroom audio streaming, and Speaker iQ and Dirac Live setup and room correction...

NAD Debuts T 758 V3 Receiver

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NAD-T758-V3.jpgNAD has introduced an updated version of its T 758 AV receiver. The new T 758 V3 comes with support for Dolby Atmos, UHD/HDR video, BluOS hi-res multiroom audio streaming, and Speaker iQ and Dirac Live setup and room correction tools (via future firmware update). The seven-channel receiver also features NAD's Modular Design Construction to support future upgrades. The T 758 V3 is available now for $1,299.

From NAD
NAD Electronics is updating and upgrading the performance of its T 758 with the new generation T 758 V3. The affordable surround sound receiver will now come ready with Dolby Atmos, BluOS high-res multiroom audio and 4K UHD Video, all built-in. Maintaining similar pricing as its predecessor ($1,299 U.S. MSRP), the T 758 V3 is now shipping.

As with all NAD components, the company's latest offering continues their 'simple is better' design philosophy. This sensible approach contributes to ease of use and maximizes performance where it counts. The T 758 V3 features NAD's legendary sound quality and complete compatibility with all the latest features and formats to ensure lifelike music and movie enjoyment.

Most A/V receivers available on the market today focus predominantly on the Video and Surround Sound aspects, leaving audio circuitry almost as an afterthought. NAD firmly believes that there are many people for whom music will always come first. With NAD's reputation for high value/high performance, it was obvious that the T 758 V3 would have to please audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts alike.

"NAD carefully evaluates how customers use our products and only includes the features that are essential for great audio and video performance," commented Greg Stidsen, Director of Technology and Product Planning for NAD. "In addition, our Modular Design Construction feature offers the real benefit of being able to add new technologies as they become available, greatly enhancing the value proposition. With the T 758 V3, we are excited to add key features such as Dolby Atmos, 4K UHD Video and BluOS music streaming."

MDC: Future-Proof Designs
Performance-minded enthusiasts want to embrace the ever-changing world of AV technology without destroying their original investment. So, NAD devised the most important innovation in a decade: Modular Design Construction, an uncommon answer to technology obsolescence. Digital audio and video circuits are on replaceable modules. With MDC, the ability to easily upgrade the T 758 V3 to include future digital formats is totally unique and unprecedented.

'Music First' Audio
Popular surround sound formats, including HD formats Dolby Atmos and DTS Master Audio, are decoded using the latest generation of high-speed multi-core DSP. Stereo source material can be converted to surround sound using our exclusive EARS surround mode, praised by reviewers for its natural sound quality. With both music and movies, the T 758 V3's award-winning heritage reveals its power with immense depth, clarity, and incredible detail. Ordinary AV receivers simply sound flat in comparison.

Pure and Simple Video
The T 758 V3 offers exceptional performance with the latest digital video technology, including Ultra HD video at resolutions up to 3840x2160 pixels at 60 frames per second with 4:4:4 color gamut and High Dynamic Range support. Analog video sources are also supported on HDMI for simple 'one wire' connection to a flat screen or projector. NAD leaves the video processing where it belongs, in the display, avoiding multiple format conversions that plague lesser AVRs. It also includes popular HDMI features, Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC).

Easy Flexibility
We have created a very simple user interface that is both flexible and easy to use. Each source component retains the same custom settings every time it is selected for viewing, and there are no 'empty inputs' to clutter or confuse. In addition, powerful AV Presets allow custom setups for different types of program material (drama, action, musical, etc.) tailoring the performance to the listener's taste. Inputs can even be renamed to match specific components.

NAD Speaker iQ, the automated setup of surround speakers, is accurate and easy with the supplied microphone and NAD remote control. A second independent zone is included and can be powered by the internal back channel amplifiers. Advanced multiroom systems are easily accommodated thanks to its full suite of connections for home automation systems.

World's Most Sophisticated Digital Room Correction System
The T 758 V3 employs Dirac Live Room Correction software that delivers optimized sound quality for your home theatre system. The built-in Lite version of the software, with the option to upgrade to a full-featured version for $99 USD, measures the acoustic performance of the system within the listening room and optimizes playback performance to provide the most transparent music reproduction possible. Setup process is automated and very simple, giving users the control they need to precisely tune for the best results. With Dirac Live you can build the perfect listening environment that corrects for both the timing and colorations in sound using the supplied microphone and its powerful software.

"Dirac Live is arguably the most sophisticated digital room correction system available today and is usually reserved for use in ultra-high end components costing several times as much as the NAD AVRs," commented Niklas Thorin, Dirac's GM of High Performance. "We are pleased that Dirac Live is made available to more audio enthusiasts with the introduction of the high- performance NAD T 758 V3 at a highly affordable price. The T 758 V3 is the first of two NAD products to adopt Dirac Live, and we are looking forward to delivering perfected sound to consumers through more NAD products in the future."

BluOS Streaming High Res Audio Included
The T 758 V3 features built-in BluOS wireless streaming technology, enabling users to stream lossless music to their home theater system from local libraries, tune in to Internet radio stations, and access popular music streaming services. You can control the music from anywhere in the house using the BluOS Controller app for smartphone, tablet and desktop, including the ability to group the receiver to other BluOS enabled components from NAD or Bluesound to create a whole home music delivery ecosystem.

Stay Updated Automatically
In order to ensure that the T 758 V3 is current and performs at its best, Auto Software Update will automatically update the latest firmware and software versions. Both Speaker iQ and Dirac Live will be made available to users via an Internet update in the coming months. Users will need to connect their unit to the Internet and follow the instructions included in the box to activate these features. Users can sign up for notifications on NAD's website to stay up-to-date on software availabilities.

Key Features of the NAD T 758 V3:
• Dolby Atmos built in
• 4K UHD Video built in
• BluOS high-res multiroom audio built in
• Modular Design Construction (MDC) offers ability to upgrade to future digital formats
when available
• Legendary NAD sound combined with latest audio formats
• Simple user interface, AV presets and inputs can be renamed
• NAD Speaker iQ for easy accurate speaker setup and auto software updates
• Complete with Dirac Live Room Correction software delivers optimized sound quality

Additional Resources
• Visit the NAD Electronics website for more product information.
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