Published On: April 9, 2009

NAD Introduces USB-Equipped Phono Preamp For Ripping LPs To Modern Systems

Published On: April 9, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NAD Introduces USB-Equipped Phono Preamp For Ripping LPs To Modern Systems

So you want to convert you audiophile vinyl over to digital formats without making them sound like crap? NAD has a sexy digital solution for you called the PP-3 Digital Phone Preamp that now has audiophiles talking

NAD Introduces USB-Equipped Phono Preamp For Ripping LPs To Modern Systems

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NAD_PP3_USBphonopreamp.gifNAD Electronics just introduced the PP-3 Digital Phono Preamplifier, a sophisticated USB-friendly accessory that integrates turntables into today's stereo systems and allows LPs and other audio sources to be copied directly to a PC, a Mac, or an iPod or other MP3 player.

Compact and cost-effective, the PP-3 Phono Preamp offers superb audiophile performance in a clean, simple package only 5.3 inches long by 1.38 inches high by 2.75 inches deep. It combines the design of its predecessor, NAD's award-winning PP-2 MM/MC Phono Preamp, with a high-quality analog-to-digital converter, a USB interface, and CD-R VinylStudio• Lite software. The program, supplied on a disc, lets users copy LPs directly to a PC in Wav or Mp3 file formats. Once in a PC, the digitized music can be burned onto discs, transferred to portable music players or otherwise manipulated.
Today's digital components often overlook the needs of analog music fans, as expressed in LP records, an immense source of superb audio performances. Many A/V receivers, amplifiers, and preamp/processors simply omit phonograph inputs and phono-preamp circuitry. In many others, the phono section is an afterthought designed for the most basic functionality. In NAD's view, this state of affairs creates a clear opportunity. The PP-3 has been designed to serve as serve as a high-quality upgrade or addition to existing line-level system.

An additional Line Input allows other analog sources -- such as FM radio, audiotape, even a CD player's analog output -- to be converted to the digital USB format. It also adds back the input on an amplifier or receiver used by the PP-3.

The PP-3 Digital Phono Preamplifier is available now from authorized NAD dealers at a suggested price of $199.

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