Published On: February 1, 2024

Naim CI Series Brings High-Quality Audio to Custom Installations

Published On: February 1, 2024
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Naim CI Series Brings High-Quality Audio to Custom Installations

Audiophile brands Naim and Focal have taken a giant leap into the custom install market with the Naim CI Series, promising to deliver unparalleled sound quality and versatility.

Naim CI Series Brings High-Quality Audio to Custom Installations

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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In a recent development that signals a significant move into the custom integration (CI) market, renowned audio manufacturer Naim has unveiled its latest offering, the Naim CI Series. Designed to complement integrated setups, particularly those featuring Focal's Custom Integration speakers, this new series comprises three distinct products set to launch in the coming months. 

This move marks a notable step for Naim, as it seeks to provide comprehensive solutions for the CI market, alongside its ally, the Vervent Audio Group's Focal.

The centerpiece of the Naim CI Series is the CI-Uniti 102, often referred to as "the brain" of the series. With an approachable price tag of $1,499  (€1,499 / £1,299), it offers a compelling value proposition. Despite its affordability, the CI-Uniti 102 boasts a substantial 150W output at 8 ohms, making it a powerful addition to integrated audio setups. 

Equipped with integrated DSP, this unit supports full system calibration, ensuring seamless integration with other CI-friendly models and Focal's CI speaker range. Furthermore, it includes speaker profiles tailored to Focal's extensive catalog, facilitating effortless pairing with speakers for the optimal listening experience.

Naim CI Series - Naim Audio C1-Uniti 102

The CI-Uniti 102 offers a versatile array of connectivity options, catering to both wired and wireless preferences. It includes HDMI, Bluetooth, S/PDIF, and analog connections, as well as compatibility with popular streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify, and Qobuz. With support for UPnP, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Dante, this unit is primed for multiroom capabilities, accommodating up to 32 rooms. 

Additionally, it provides independent stereo RCA outputs for subwoofers or sub-zones. Users can fine-tune and control the CI-Uniti 102 through the Focal & Naim app or integrate it into home, outdoor, or commercial applications using systems like Crestron, Control4, RTi, Savant, and Elan.

Naim CI Series - A rear view of Naim Audio C1-Uniti 102 showing inputs and connectivity options.

For those seeking external amplification, the CI-NAP 108 offers an attractive solution. This 8-channel power amplifier, priced at $2,999  (€2,999 / £2,599), features 10 RCA inputs and outputs, making it suitable for connecting multiple speakers or amplifying eight separate audio streams. Naim emphasizes the CI-NAP 108's ability to operate as a silent, efficient, and compact power amplifier, suitable for even the most demanding loudspeakers.

Completing the trio is the CI-NAP 101, another mono power amplifier with a price tag of $1,499 (€1,499 / £1,299 ). Designed to operate in low or high-impedance mode, it finds its niche in powering subs or speakers on a 70/100V line. Offering stereo RCA inputs and outputs for serial connection, as well as two Euroblock outputs for simplified parallel connections between speakers, this amplifier is designed with versatility in mind.

A front view of all three Naim CI Series models.

All three models within the Naim CI Series are slated for a Q2 2024 launch. Their rack-mountable design ensures seamless integration into any custom installation setup. For more detailed specifications and information, interested parties can visit the Naim website.

This latest announcement marks a strategic move by Naim into the CI market. By creating a lineup that complements Focal's Custom Integration speakers, Naim aims to offer a complete audio solution that caters to a variety of settings, from homes and outdoor spaces to commercial installations. The Naim CI Series brings together Naim's expertise in high-end audio and Focal's renowned acoustics, promising audiophiles and installers a compelling audio experience.

The Naim CI Series, featuring the CI-Uniti 102, CI-NAP 108, and CI-NAP 101, represents a noteworthy entry into the custom integration audio market. With a focus on seamless integration, versatility, and compatibility with Focal's CI speakers, this series offers an appealing proposition for those seeking high-quality audio solutions in a wide range of settings. 

As the release date approaches, audio enthusiasts and custom installers alike can look forward to exploring the capabilities and benefits of the Naim CI Series, which promises to elevate the audio experience to new heights.

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