Published On: May 24, 2012

Naim Unveils New NaimUniti 2 All-in-One Player

Published On: May 24, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Naim Unveils New NaimUniti 2 All-in-One Player

Naim has recently unveiled an update to the company's NaimUniti all-in-one player. Logically named the NaimUniti 2, the new unit improves on the technology from the older model in a variety of ways.

Naim Unveils New NaimUniti 2 All-in-One Player

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Naim-NaimUniti-2-all-in-one-player.jpgNaim recently unveiled the next iteration of the company's all-in-one player, the NaimUniti 2. The new model includes all of the features of the original NaimUniti, but with several key updates and improvements.

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The NaimUniti was the original Naim all-in-one player, with CD playback, USB, streaming, and internet radio with a built-in DAC and internal amplifier for a sophisticated one-box solution. The new NaimUniti 2 takes that formula and improves upon it based on research and development learned over the last two years.

New Features of the NaimUniti 2:

·New and improved CD player - featuring a new mechanism, Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC, tray, and clamp
·24bit/192kHz streaming
·Upgraded 70W amplifier - an increase of 20W
·Improved sound quality - using knowledge gained during development of the SuperUniti, the NaimUniti 2 has received a full board redesign (analog, digital, and display) plus sonic tweaks to the amplifier stage. These include additional regulator lifting capacitors, changes within the sound critical sections, a new lower load capacitance crystal within the clock, a lift to the Wi-Fi antenna, and new rectifier diodes on the digital power supply.
·1 amp charging for iPod - via front USB port
·Rear panel mini-USB port for software updates - replacing the previous RS232 connection
·New larger display window - as used in SuperUniti
·US retail price $4,695 (availability expected late June)

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