Published On: July 26, 2023

Nakamichi Raises the Price of its Dragon Soundbar

Published On: July 26, 2023
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Nakamichi Raises the Price of its Dragon Soundbar

Nakamichi's Dragon 11.4.6 soundbar system experiences a price increase due to rising manufacturing and packaging costs.

Nakamichi Raises the Price of its Dragon Soundbar

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In a move that has left consumers surprised and disappointed, Nakamichi, the well-known audio equipment manufacturer, has announced an increase in the price of its highly anticipated Dragon 11.4.6 soundbar system. The company states that it can no longer maintain the original price of $3,500 and will raise it to $3,900 once the initial pre-order inventory of 1,000 units has been sold.

The announcement has generated mixed reactions from consumers eagerly waiting to get their hands on this premium soundbar. Pre-orders for the first batch of 1,000 units are set to begin on August 3 at 9 a.m. PT. While some speculate that the threat of a price increase is a strategy to drive rapid sales, Nakamichi emphasizes that the decision was driven by real production complexities and rising costs.

"We understand that price adjustments can be a sensitive matter," the company said on its website. "Rest assured that this decision was made after careful consideration and analysis of producing 500 Dragon systems."

In a press release, Nakamichi addressed the intricate nature of the Dragon system, revealing that it consists of over 700 components and undergoes a meticulous 110-step hand assembly process across four production lines. The company's initial estimations did not fully account for the additional labor required to create these soundbars.

Moreover, the challenges did not end with manufacturing. Nakamichi found it necessary to redesign the packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transit. Each Dragon unit weighs a hefty 140 pounds, making shipping a delicate and crucial process. To protect the systems from potential damage during shipping, Nakamichi subjected them to a 12-inch drop test and made necessary adjustments for a 30-day sea voyage in shipping containers.

The Dragon 11.4.6 soundbar system is Nakamichi's flagship product, initially touted at CES 2023 as a groundbreaking home theater experience. The soundbar boasts 14 speaker drivers, powered by seven digital amplifiers, all encased in stainless steel. It comes with two 8-inch wireless quad subwoofers and omni-motion wireless surrounds, providing multidirectional sound.

One of the system's unique selling points is its support for DTS:X Pro, accommodating up to 32 speakers compared to the standard DTS:X's 11. Additionally, it fully supports Dolby Atmos and offers three eARC inputs along with one output, catering to modern connectivity demands.

While Nakamichi's decision to raise the price may disappoint some potential customers, the company highlights that it was a necessary move to ensure the soundbar's continued availability. This price increase reflects a broader trend in the market, as companies grapple with economic repercussions and rising costs following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Audio enthusiasts who have eagerly awaited the Dragon's release will have a brief window to secure the system at its original price, starting August 3. 

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