Published On: March 13, 2024

Nanoleaf Introduces Smart Lamp Collection in Collaboration with Umbra

Published On: March 13, 2024
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Nanoleaf Introduces Smart Lamp Collection in Collaboration with Umbra

Nanoleaf partners with Umbra to launch the Smart Lamp Collection, featuring Matter-compatible lamps designed to elevate any living space.

Nanoleaf Introduces Smart Lamp Collection in Collaboration with Umbra

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Nanoleaf, in partnership with renowned design firm Umbra, has unveiled its latest innovation: the Smart Lamp Collection. This collection introduces two distinct lamps – the Cono Portable Lamp and the Cup Lamp – both designed to seamlessly integrate smart lighting into any space.

Nanoleaf, a pioneer in smart lighting solutions since its inception in 2012, continues to captivate consumers' attention, this time in collaboration with Umbra, known for its modern home decor offerings. The Smart Lamp Collection combines Nanoleaf's cutting-edge technology with Umbra's distinctive design aesthetic, resulting in products that are both functional and stylish.

The Cono Portable Lamp stands out with its versatility and portability. Designed for on-the-go use, it features a five-hour battery life, allowing users to illuminate any space without being tethered to a power source. 

Nanoleaf Smart Lamp Collection - Cono Portable Lamp

Its playful design enables users to position the lamp in various orientations, offering flexibility and adaptability. With over 16 million color options and customizable lighting scenes, the Cono Portable Lamp provides users with the freedom to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

On the other hand, the Cup Lamp offers a blend of functionality and elegance. Featuring a USB charging port and a unique cup-shaped base, it serves as both a lighting solution and an organizational accessory. With advanced smart technology built on the Thread and Matter platform, users can easily control brightness, group lights, and create personalized lighting scenes to suit their preferences.

Both lamps utilize Nanoleaf's smartest technology, compatible with Thread and Matter standards, ensuring seamless integration with existing smart home ecosystems. The intuitive Nanoleaf app allows users to effortlessly control the lamps with a simple tap, offering convenience and ease of use.

Nanoleaf Smart Lamp Collection - Cup Lamp

Available in a range of colors, including Grey, Sierra, and Black, the Smart Lamp Collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences. As part of a special launch offer, customers can enjoy a 10% discount on their purchase if ordered before March 18th.

Key Features:

  • Portable and Versatile Design: The Cono Portable Lamp offers flexibility in positioning, allowing users to place it upright, on its side, or even upside down to suit their preferences.
  • Extended Battery Life: With a five-hour battery life, the Cono Portable Lamp provides portable smart lighting that can accompany users wherever they go.
  • Full Spectrum RGBW Lighting: Both the Cono Portable Lamp and Cup Lamp offer over 16 million color options, enabling users to create customizable lighting scenes and ambiance.
  • Advanced Smart Technology: Built on the Matter platform, Nanoleaf's smart lamps ensure seamless integration with existing smart home ecosystems for effortless control and customization.
  • Stylish and Functional Design: The Cup Lamp features a unique cup-shaped base with a built-in USB charging port, providing both functional lighting and organizational appeal.
  • Range of Color Options: Available in Grey, Sierra, and Black, Nanoleaf's Smart Lamp Collection caters to diverse aesthetic preferences.
  • Special Launch Offer: Customers can enjoy a 10% discount on their purchase when ordering before March 18th

The Cono Portable Lamp is priced at $95/£110/€110, while the Cup Lamp is available for $130/£150/€150. Both lamps are now available for purchase directly from Nanoleaf's website, offering consumers the opportunity to elevate their living spaces with innovative smart lighting solutions.

For more information about Nanoleaf's Smart Lamp Collection and to take advantage of the special launch offer, visit the official Nanoleaf website.

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