Published On: January 11, 2024

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 Presentation: New Lighting Products and Orchestrator Software

Published On: January 11, 2024
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Nanoleaf's CES 2024 Presentation: New Lighting Products and Orchestrator Software

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 showcase was a symphony of light and sound, featuring the latest in smart lighting technology and the unveiling of Orchestrator, a groundbreaking music synchronization software.

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 Presentation: New Lighting Products and Orchestrator Software

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Nanoleaf, the pioneering smart lighting company, made a significant splash at CES 2024 with a range of innovative lighting products and software updates. Nanoleaf's CES 2024 reveals showcased its effort to enhance the smart lighting experience, with a focus on music synchronization, outdoor lighting, and its much-anticipated Skylight Modular Ceiling Light.

Orchestrator Software Takes Music Synchronization to New Heights

One of the highlights of Nanoleaf's CES 2024 announcements was the introduction of its Orchestrator software. This innovative software promises to revolutionize the way smart lights sync with music. 

Unlike traditional systems that rely solely on sound input from nearby microphones, Orchestrator connects directly to a computer's sound source for a more accurate and dynamic lighting performance. This technology allows Nanoleaf products to react not only to beats but also to melodies and audio spectrum, creating a more immersive and tailored lighting experience.

Orchestrator is set to be accessible through the Nanoleaf Desktop App and will support all major music streaming platforms. It is expected to launch in the spring of this year.

Expanded Matter Essentials Line

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 presentation revealed that it has also expanded its Matter Essentials line by introducing three new smart lighting products with Matter support. The Smart Multicolor Lightstrip (Indoor), Smart Multicolor Outdoor String Lights, and Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights are all part of this expansion. 

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 - Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights

These products are designed to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the Nanoleaf ecosystem and support Matter, making them compatible with various smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings.

The Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights, in particular, offer a versatile outdoor lighting solution, perfect for decorating patios, balconies, or decks. These lights are scheduled for release in the spring of 2024.

Skylight Modular Ceiling Light: Shipping Now

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 presentation also provided an update on its Skylight Modular Ceiling Light, initially introduced at CES 2023. The Skylight is a unique ceiling light fixture designed to mimic the appearance of a skylight. It offers various lighting experiences, including scenes like "Gentle Rain" and "Sun Shower," and can be programmed to activate different scenes throughout the day to enhance wake-up and bedtime routines.

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 - Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light

The Skylight Modular Ceiling Light is now available for shipping, with preorders currently open. The Smarter Kit is priced at $250, while expansion packs can be purchased for $70 each.

Connecting Outdoor Lighting with Matter Compatibility

Nanoleaf's foray into outdoor lighting marks a significant step forward for the company. With the introduction of the Smart Multicolor Outdoor String Lights and Smart Multicolor Permanent Outdoor Lights, Nanoleaf aims to compete in the outdoor lighting market. These lights are designed to provide color-changing and addressable outdoor lighting solutions, allowing users to create dynamic outdoor displays.

Both outdoor lights are Matter-compatible, ensuring easy integration with popular smart home platforms. They can be controlled through voice assistants, the Nanoleaf app, and Matter-compatible apps, offering flexibility and convenience for users.

Nanoleaf's CES 2024 - Smart Multicolor Outdoor String Lights

Nanoleaf's commitment to innovation and product diversity was evident at CES 2024. The introduction of the Orchestrator software promises to elevate the music synchronization experience for smart lighting enthusiasts, offering a more accurate and customizable lighting show that reacts to every aspect of music.

Furthermore, the availability of the Skylight Modular Ceiling Light provides consumers with an elegant and versatile lighting solution for their homes. With the addition of outdoor lighting options, Nanoleaf is expanding its presence in the smart lighting market and offering more choices to consumers looking to enhance their living spaces with dynamic and customizable lighting solutions.

As these products and software updates become available throughout the year, Nanoleaf continues to establish itself as a leading player in the smart lighting industry, catering to the evolving needs of its customers.

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