Published On: July 15, 2010

NASA Television Debuts Full-Time High Definition Channel

Published On: July 15, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NASA Television Debuts Full-Time High Definition Channel

NASA is known for its exploration of space, but they've got big plans here on Earth as well. In fact, the agency is bringing these two aspects together with a 24-hour channel, accessible to all types of television content providers, which will show NASA at work.

NASA Television Debuts Full-Time High Definition Channel

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On Monday, July 19, NASA Television will launch a full-time High Definition (HD) channel that media, cable and satellite service providers can access for news content and coverage of agency missions and programs.

The channel will deliver HD video that only NASA can provide, such as live launch coverage of space shuttles and other spacecraft. The "ISS Update," a daily program covering the activities of the on-orbit International Space Station crews, will air on the new HD channel. Video of the Earth shot by crews on the station and from NASA satellites also will be available.

NASA's video file news feed, media conferences, lectures, satellite interviews and special events also will be delivered in HD. The NASA TV HD channel will be offered in MPEG-2 format.

For complete NASA TV downlink and scheduling information, visit:

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