Netflix Announces Beta Test of Gaming on TVs and Computers

Published On: August 15, 2023
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Netflix Announces Beta Test of Gaming on TVs and Computers

Netflix expands gaming ambitions with cloud streaming beta test

Netflix Announces Beta Test of Gaming on TVs and Computers

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Netflix, the globally recognized streaming platform, is venturing into new territory with its recent announcement of a beta test for streaming video games on TVs and computers. This test, currently limited to subscribers in Canada and the UK, marks a significant milestone in Netflix's endeavor to expand its gaming offerings beyond mobile platforms.

The limited beta test, as announced by Netflix Vice President of Games, Mike Verdu, introduces the concept of streaming video games to select television screens and personal computers. 

Subscribers in Canada and the UK now have the opportunity to explore the world of Netflix gaming through an assortment of titles, signaling the company's growing commitment to providing an all-encompassing entertainment experience.

Initially, the beta test offers access to games such as "Oxenfree" and "Molehew's Mining Adventure," with more titles anticipated to join the roster as the test progresses. The primary objective of this endeavor is to assess the efficacy of Netflix's game streaming technology and accompanying controller app while enhancing the overall user experience.

For television-based gameplay, subscribers can use their smartphones as controllers, interacting with games using virtual buttons and thumbsticks displayed on their devices. Moreover, as part of the evolving beta test, support for PC and Mac users will be introduced in the coming weeks. Netflix subscribers will soon be able to utilize their keyboards and mice to engage with games on the popular streaming platform. 

In its pursuit of expansion, Netflix is collaborating with various TV manufacturers and streaming device providers to ensure compatibility and accessibility for its gaming content. 

Currently, the supported devices encompass a diverse range, including Amazon Fire TV streaming media players, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TV, Roku devices and TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and Walmart ONN. Netflix has expressed its intention to extend support to additional devices as the beta test evolves.

Mike Verdu, Netflix Games boss, highlighted the company's eagerness to explore new avenues of entertainment and engagement. 

"By making games available on more devices, we hope to make games even easier to play for our members around the world. While we're still very early in our games journey, we're excited to bring joy to members with games," Verdu stated. The company intends to draw inspiration from its successful approach to mobile gaming, where a gradual and thoughtful expansion strategy was employed.

This expansion into gaming is not uncharted territory for Netflix. The company had previously dabbled in the idea of offering Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii games for rental via mail in 2011, although those plans ultimately did not come to fruition. Now, with cloud gaming taking center stage, Netflix is embarking on a new chapter in its quest to captivate audiences across various entertainment mediums.

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